16 Rare Qualities A Woman Has That Means You Should Never Ever Let Her Go


1. She is strong.

When a woman knows how to stand her ground and knows what she deserves, that is a quality you shouldn’t ignore. Every man needs a woman who holds her head high, and can take the world by storm on her own.

2. She is fiercely independent.

Every man needs a woman who knows how to be by herself. When a woman can be by herself and can be confident in who she is and what she wants out of life, that is something truly special.

3. She is mesmerizing.

Not only is she mesmerizing in what you see on the outside, but mesmerizing in everything that she does. When her eyes light up with happiness and confidence, you can’t help but fall harder for her. Find a woman who lights up in all that she is and all that she wants to be.

4. She can sing.

She doesn’t have to sing well. She doesn’t have to be the next American Idol winner. She can be terribly off tune, but a woman that sings is a woman who likes to have fun. No matter what, you can always expect to have fun with her and be prepared for lots of karaoke nights and sing along car rides.

5. She can compromise.

Every man needs a woman who knows how to make compromises no matter the situation. She needs to be able to figure out what would be the  best solution for the both of you, and doesn’t only think of herself. When you find a woman who does this, you would be stupid to let her go.

6. She doesn’t easily get jealous.

Find a woman who trusts you enough to go for a boys night out and not cheat on her. Find a woman who knows that you love her, and to trust that you won’t do anything to hurt her. Often, people jump to conclusions too fast and think the worst of people. Find a woman that thinks the best of you no matter what.

7. She knows how to push your buttons.

Never let a woman go who knows exactly how to push your buttons. This means that she knows you well enough to know what sets you off. But this also means that she knows you well enough to know when it’s not time to do this and can let you be vulnerable.

8. She is incredibly passionate.

Find a woman who is in love with life. No matter what, this quality is incredibly important. When you find someone who has a fire in her eyes whenever she talks about her career or what she loves most to do in her spare, never say goodbye to her.

9. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

When you find someone who is so incredibly driven that she never lets anything get in her way, I hope you know how blessed you are.

10. She doesn’t easily give up.

She never lets mistakes and downfalls get her down. She is always full speed ahead and knows in her heart that she will achieve anything she puts her mind to. When you find this, don’t give up on her either because she is a force to be reckoned with.

11. She doesn’t let a man define her.

Find someone who doesn’t let a relationship define her. She knows how to be whole by herself and knows full well that she doesn’t need you. But, just because she doesn’t need you, won’t mean she doesn’t 100% want you in her life.

12. She loves you with her whole heart.

When you find someone who loves you with all of who she is, and loves all of your flaws and scars, don’t let her go. To find someone who loves you even when you are at your worst, is rare and incredibly beautiful.

13. She is hilarious.

When someone can make you laugh till you can’t breathe and until your stomach feels like it’s going to fall out, she’s a keeper.

14. She is giving.

Not only is she giving with you, but she is giving to complete strangers. She would rather make someone else smile than to have everything for herself. It brings her so much joy to give back, and that’s not someone who is easy to find.

15. She knows how to let loose.

Sure, she is driven and can be serious when she needs to be, but find someone who can do both. When you find a girl who can let her hair down and have fun and go a little crazy once in a while, don’t say goodbye to her.

16. She never gives up on the people that she loves.

Most importantly, when you find a woman who never gives up on the people that she loves, she is really special. When you find someone who wholeheartedly believes in you and believes in what her loved ones can accomplish and achieve, don’t ever let her go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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