To All My Fellow Women Who Think They Can’t Live Without Their Ex


It’s scary to think that you can’t live without another human being. It’s scary to love someone so much, that you feel like you will never go on without them.

But guess what? You had a life before you met this person.

Before you met this person, your life was probably great. You had a ton of friends. You didn’t have many worries. You weren’t here feeling heartbroken over a guy. You weren’t sitting in a pool of your tears by yourself. You were just happy.

Before you met this person, you had dreams. Of travel, of seeing the world, of meeting exciting people and of going on adventures. Being heartbroken was never something you dreamed up. It was something you never expected.

But it did. And you’re so hurt that, your whole body aches. You don’t want to do anything. You don’t even want to breathe. You want to give up. You want to call it quits. But you have to remember all those dreams. You’ve got to remember all  of your aspirations. You’ve got to remember all of your goals.

You’ve got to remember who you were before your heart got smashed into tiny pieces.

You can’t let heartbreak get in the way of that. You can’t let heartbreak mess up your full potential. You can’t let it destroy you.

Heartbreak is awful. It’s lonely. It’s powerful. It’s scary. But almost every single human being on this planet has gone through it. And everyone has survived it. It isn’t the plague. It isn’t a disease. It’s something that heals. It’s something that gets easier over time. And the medicine for heartbreak? It’s time. It’s self care. It’s diving into what makes you, you. It’s trying new things. It’s seeing more of your friends. It’s learning how to love yourself despite the pain that you are in.

To all my fellow women who think they can’t live without your ex, you can. And you will.

I know it seems unimaginable right now. You can’t even picture it in your head. It seems like it’s never going to happen. Like you will be the only person who will never, ever get through having a broken heart.

But you can survive. Just like everyone else. And you will survive. Just like everyone else did. And you will heal. Just like we all did. And you will be happy again. Just like us all.

You will do more than just survive.

I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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