What It Means To Love The Girl Who Is ‘Forever Alone’

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

A girl who views herself as being ‘forever alone’ is not weak or lonely. She is just tired of putting her heart out on the line, and finding out that no one is on the receiving end. Maybe she just got her heart broken one too many times, or maybe she just loves being on her own, but she is definitely not feeling sorry for herself.

A girl who is ‘forever alone’ loves having her own space. She hates to be smothered and finds solace in being by herself. She isn’t lonely. She just loves being alone. So, give her time. Give her space. Be patient.

A girl who is ‘forever alone’ knows what she deserves. She won’t just get in a relationship for the sake of it. She knows from past experiences that settling is never worth it. She knows that in order for her to date someone, this person has to be exquisite. If she picks you, you must be something really special. Show her you won’t let her down. Show her she made the right decision in choosing you. Show her that you are worth it.

A girl who is ‘forever alone’ is strong. She loves to do things when she wants and how she wants. She never asks for pity or for favors from anyone. She takes pride in having the strength to not need a man to ‘save her’. But when you come along, don’t take away her independence. Don’t take away her spirit. Let her do things on her own. Don’t downplay her strength.

A girl who is ‘forever alone’ is happy. She knows she is fierce and she knows who she is. She is proud of herself. Give her a reason to be even more proud. Give her a reason to love herself even more. Show her, that you aren’t only going to love her, but you are going to treasure her for who she is. And show her, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

To love a girl who is ‘forever alone’ is opening up a part of her heart that she didn’t even know existed.

She is so used to being by herself. She is used to doing everything by herself. By loving her, you are opening up a door that she never knew she wanted to open. You are going to show her that she can be in love and independent at the same time. You are going to show her that she is capable of true, real love. You are going to introduce her to a whole new side of her. You are going to open up her heart to new heights and to new sights. 

To love a girl who is ‘forever alone’ is to show her that although she is strong and she is mighty on her own, she does in fact deserve real love. And, that love will make her stronger in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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