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You can’t plan love like you can plan your next career move, or your next vacation spot.

You can’t plan when you fall in love, or when you get heartbroken.

Love is not something that you can see coming. It could be right in front of you, or you could be looking in the wrong direction. Maybe you think you already have found it, but five years from now you’ll realize it wasn’t true.

You can’t decide to fall in love.

You can’t pinpoint a date on your calendar, and promise yourself that that date will be when you find the one. You can’t plan that ten years from now, you will be happily settled down.

The truth is, you don’t know when love is going to come. You don’t know what your future holds for you. You can’t control love. You just can’t.

And just like you can’t plan when you fall in love, you can’t plan for when you fall out of it. You can’t plan when your first love is going to break your heart. And you can’t find a spot on your calendar and tell yourself that that is the day you will get over him.

You can’t force love in or out of you.

Love is a stubborn little thing, and can’t be controlled. Ever. No matter how much you try to control your life around love, the more it will surprise you.

Be surprised by love instead of being scared. Let it all go instead of trying to obsess over it. 

You can’t control love and you can’t control yourself when you are in it. You can’t predict your future. And you can’t be frightened forever about the unknown. Instead of always trying to track it down, let your future take its course. Let time do the healing. Let time run instead of trying to catch up to it.

Give yourself permission to trust in love. Give yourself permission to fall in love when it’s time. Give yourself permission to fall out love when it’s time.

Let love do it’s thing. It will always have a mind of it’s own. And you need to respect and trust that in time, love will give you want you want. And love will find you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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