Date Someone Who Will Love You Despite All Of Your Faults


Don’t date the person who highlights your flaws, who tells you to change, and who criticizes you. Don’t date the kind of person who finds humor in your insecurities, and who likes to poke fun at your downfalls.

Date someone who loves you despite all of your flaws.

Dates someone who recognizes your imperfections, and loves them all. Date someone who can stare at your stretch marks, your stomach rolls and your blemishes, and doesn’t flinch.

Date someone who makes you feel sexy with no makeup on. Date someone who compliments you in the moments where you feel weak. Date someone who see’s all of you, yet, still won’t take their eyes off of you.

Date someone who challenges you to work harder on yourself and to get help when you need it. Date someone who urges you to follow your goals and dreams. And won’t take no as an answer.

Date someone who loves you when you fail.

Who holds you when water streams out of your eyes, and promises you that it’s all going to be ok. Date the person who doesn’t let you give up on yourself. Who thinks of a new reason everyday about why they love you.

Date someone who can be serious with you. Who can talk about the future with you without a tremble in their voice.

Date the person who never questions you.

Date someone who supports you when you make mistakes. Who tells you the truth when you don’t want to hear it. Who won’t make fun of you for your weaknesses, but will help build them up.

Date the person who loves your way too loud laugh, and adores it when you stand up for yourself. Date the person who will cheer you on no matter what, and who will lift you up when you can’t stop sinking.

Date the person who loves your acne, who loves your face makeup less and natural. Date the person who hugs every inch of you and doesn’t care about the few pounds you put on recently. Date the person who makes you believe in yourself. And who makes you realize how beautiful you truly are inside and out.

Date the person who sees beauty in everything that you do and who never fails to show their gratitude for you.

You don’t need roses or chocolate or fancy dinner dates. You don’t need cards or words of affirmation.

You just need someone who believes in you when you don’t have strength to do it alone. And who recognizes the immense strength you have inside of you. Date someone who makes you realize how incredible you really are. And who wouldn’t dare say goodbye to you, because to them, you are their whole world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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