This Is What Happens When You’re A Strong Woman Who Feels Incredibly Lonely Sometimes


Loneliness is a powerful and frightening emotion. It can come to you out of nowhere, and suddenly, you are immersed in a sea of self-loathing. Loneliness can do damage on how you view yourself as a person, and it can make you feel like you’re in a constant battle with just yourself.

For a strong and independent woman, feeling lonely can leave you feeling pathetic. You’re going to immediately want to wash it away with friends and company. You’re going to want to just ignore the truth.

But, you need to listen to what your body is telling you.

You aren’t feeling lonely for no reason at all, you are feeling that way because it’s what you need to feel right now. And you are feeling that way because it’s what your body and mind need to do, to finally heal.

Feeling lonely can be excruciating. It’s scary being so vulnerable and not being able to see the light after being in the dark for so long. And to make things worse, when we are feeling lonely, we think we are the only ones in the world who feel that way. We think we are abnormal, like something is terribly wrong with us.

But in fact, everyone feels this way. But, the issue is that no one ever has the guts to say it loud to anyone. We hide, ashamed of our ghosts, and let them eat at our insides and do what they please. But, what we really need to do is to speak out. We need to share with others about how we are feeling, and let out all of our negative energy that we have been holding onto for so long.

We need to be strong for ourselves, and strong for each other.

Feeling lonely can become a great strength of yours, and it most certainly doesn’t have to be a death sentence. This emotion is trying to tell you, that you are missing something or someone in your life. It’s trying to tell you that something is amiss. And you need to find it. And I know that, for a strong woman, it’s hard to accept this. You don’t want help. You don’t feel like you need it. And it’s hard to confront your own emotions head on.

But, confronting how you feel right now, will ultimately make you a stronger person. And it will ultimately help you grow.

To all the strong and wonderful women out there who hide their tears from their friends at bars, who feel the familiar pit in their stomachs when they lay in bed at night, and the one’s who flash fake smiles to all their friends at brunch, please say something. Please stop ignoring yourself. 

Don’t let your loneliness be a burden on your shoulders for the rest of your life. Rip that weight off from you and do something about it. You are not alone. You are not weird, or abnormal.

You are just human.

And sometimes, human beings can feel like crap. And they feel sad, and they miss people who used to be so significant in their lives. You are allowed to feel this way. You’re allowed to hurt. Because, at the end of the day, hurting is the only thing that will lead to healing.  

Feeling sad, lonely, crazy, or depressed, doesn’t mean you aren’t strong. It just means you’re strong enough to realize what these emotions mean, how to reflect on them, and how to slowly work on yourself. Feeling lonely is not pathetic. It’s powerful. And by showing your emotions to the world, you are further acknowledging how brave you really are. And you are ultimately growing into a stronger, wiser and more powerful version of yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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