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To like someone is to like their smile, to like the way their hair flops to the side, and to notice butterflies in your stomach when they come towards you. To like someone is to tell them about yourself, about your family, your friends and your hobbies. It’s about getting to know what foods they like, and what their pet peeves are. It’s surface level attraction. It’s chemistry.

To like someone is to hold their hand and smile when they intertwine their fingers in yours.

It’s when you do your hair an hour before they arrive, and change your outfits three times before your date. To like someone is to genuinely think you are going crazy with thoughts of them that seem to consume you. It’s to word vomit their name every ten seconds. To like someone is to want to touch their body all at once, to dive into their scent and to tingle when they touch you back.

To like someone is to share your deep secrets with them, until they share theirs back to you. It’s to grab ice cream on a Sunday evening, and laughing when you share sweet, melted kisses.

To like someone can sometimes, if you’re really lucky, turn into love.

Loving someone is an entirely different animal than just liking someone. It feels like you are flying. It feels like you are on top of the world. To love someone is feeling high without taking any drugs. It’s knowing how someone is feeling just by looking at their face. It’s touching their hand softly when they are in pain, and whispering that you will always be there.

Loving someone is never letting go of their sweaty, anxious hands.

It feels like an unstoppable beautiful rain storm, that produces the most beautiful and colorful flowers afterwards.

Loving someone is more than just an attraction and more than just two bodies. Loving someone is relishing in what makes that someone tick, and what makes that someone smile. It is giving them every ounce of you, and accepting them when they return the gesture.

Of course, loving someone is not just fun and games. It’s hard work. It’s sometimes painful, and tears can spill out of your eyes for no reason at all. It’s compromise. It is staying with someone even if they do something terrible. It’s sticking by them even if you hate them at times.

It is the scariest rollercoaster on this earth.

But damn, is it glorious. It is absolute magic. And it’s a drug that can’t be forgotten. It is what makes us human beings keep on going. And what makes us keep pushing through the darkness. Because we all want the astounding light that love can give us.

You see, love is much brighter than the sun at dawn and the moon at night.

And it is more powerful than any weapon that tries to bring us down. It is the thing we all want. And the thing we all need to survive in a world that at times, can seem so pitch black. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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