7 Red Flags That Prove Your Boyfriend Is An Asshole

Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

1. Everything is about him.

Does everything that come out of his mouth start with “I”? Does he interrupt you when you’re trying to tell him something about yourself? Does he rarely ask you how your day was and instead, plunges into a five hour story about his day? Yeah, he’s an asshole.

2. He bickers with you on every little thing.

Does your boyfriend try to pick a fight every chance he gets? Does he snap at you when you’re driving him somewhere because you’re driving below the speed limit? Does he shake his head at you when you get lost yet again? Does he yell at you for snap chatting one of his friends? Yup. Asshole.

3. He is controlling.

Is your boyfriend oddly controlling with you? Does he try to make all your decisions just by himself? Does he get angry when you make a date with your friends instead of him? And does he glare at you when you decide to leave his place early? Asshole. And probably psycho. ABORT.

4. He ditches you.

Does your boyfriend decide to ditch you to smoke pot with his friends instead of meeting you for a date? Does he not listen to you when you tell him you want alone time with him? Does he want to play basketball with his friends instead of going to dinner with you every day of the week? Complete asshole.

5. He pressures you.

Does your boyfriend always try to have sex with you when you aren’t in the mood? Does he try to force you into something you never want to do? Does he not listen to you when you tell him you’re tired? Please leave him now.

6. He doesn’t like your friends.

Does your boyfriend roll his eyes whenever you invite your friends over? Does he not try to get to know them at all? Does he stay silent when they try to talk to him? Does he tell you it’s just because “he’s shy?” Yeah, sure asshole.

7. He doesn’t get along with your family.

Is your boyfriend strange around your family? Does he try to argue with them instead of remain cordial? Or is he weirdly silent when they try to communicate with him? Does he even ask your sister anything about herself? If you answer yes to all of the above questions, he’s an asshole.

I’m not saying that every one of these bullet points makes your guy a complete moron but, if he ultimately doesn’t treat you right and doesn’t show interest in what makes you tick, please recognize this. Don’t you think you deserve better?

Don’t settle for an asshole, please.

One day, you’ll find someone who doesn’t treat you like a trash bag he can kick around all the time. It’s not worth it. Ever. You’re going to find a guy that actually asks you how your day was when you come home at night. You’re going to find someone who loves every imperfect part of you. You’re going to find someone who wants to get to know your loved ones. Don’t settle for a loser. I hope you recognize that you’re worth so much more than that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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