14 Women Reveal What It’s Like When Your First Love Marries Someone Else


1. “It felt like a knife to my heart. We became good friends after we broke up and I couldn’t accept that he had actually moved on for good.”―Kathleen, 30

2. “I didn’t expect to feel the way I did. I thought I would be a hot mess. But honestly? I was happy he had finally moved on like I had. I even sent them a card telling them congrats!”― Rebecca 29

3. “I decided to go to their wedding that I wasn’t even invited to. I just snuck in the church to see what this other b*** looked like. I’m pleased to say she looked like a snotty, too much plastic surgery, barbie.”― Jessica, 23

4. “Even though I was a tiny bit sad, I really liked his wife. She was perfect for him in ways that I never was.”― Audrina, 24

5. “When he told me, immediately, tears welled up in my eyes. I told him it was just allergies and he gave me his handkerchief. He was so kind to me, that the next day, I decided to ask him to marry me. I bought him a ring and everything. He kind of just slumped away without a word.”― Heidi, 33

6. “My mom cried more than me. I was fine!”― Nicole, 26

7. “I had no idea what to do with myself. So, a week before his wedding, I TPed their new house.”― Kathy 32

8. “I was happy. I could finally move on with my life after that. I still keep in touch his mom.”― Samantha, 35

9. “I mailed his wife screenshots of lovey dovey texts he used to send me when we were dating. I felt much better after that.”― Katie, 30

10. “I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did. But, it hurt me. You spend years with this guy who was your first everything and now he’s marrying someone else? It’s so backwards.”― Liz, 27

11. “It was emotionally exhausting. I remember I took all my letters from him and burned them. I probably should’ve done that sooner.”― Gene, 22

12. “I had to block him on Facebook. I could not handle seeing those wedding pictures. Way too devastating!”― Lauren, 28

13. “I listened to sad old Michelle Branch songs and layed around eating anything I could get my hands on. I found out through an invitation he sent me. I told him I couldn’t go because I had the flu.”― Delia, 31

14. “I f***ed his best friend at the wedding reception. Best revenge sex ever.” ― Lisa, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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