11 Virgins Reveal Why They Haven’t Lost Their V-Cards Yet

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1. “It sounds dumb, but I’ve waited this long because I haven’t found the right person to be with yet.” — Brooke, 26

2. “In high school, I was a huge nerd. Not a lot of people found me attractive. I guess that mentality has stayed with me ever since. I haven’t had the confidence to lose it yet.” — Matt, 28

3. “For me, college was all about the work and my classes. I never had much of a social life and so, I never really met anyone who I potentially could’ve slept with.” — Dave, 23

4. “I had a purity ring the second I turned sixteen. While I don’t believe in saving myself for marriage anymore, my religious family’s opinions definitely haunt me to this day.” — Rebecca, 30

5. “I dated a guy for four years. When I was finally ready for him to be my first, he blurted out that he had slept with a woman at his work. I’ve been scarred ever since.” — Chelsea, 24

6. “Growing up, my parents were very strict. I never did anything wrong. Ever. Losing my virginity at an early age was just out of the question. And even now, I feel like it would disappoint them. — Orion, 25

7. “I haven’t had a boyfriend since my junior year in high school. We never made it past second base. In college, I fooled around here and there but, every time he would get past my boobs, I’d freeze.” —  Lisa, 21

8. “I always wanted my first time to be special. And to be with someone I truly truly loved. I just haven’t found her yet.” — Steven, 22

9. “Losing my virginity was never one of my top priorities. People act like it’s this huge thing, but I’d rather focus on more important stuff, like my career.” — Jake, 31

10. “I’m the world’s pickiest person. I’m not going to settle for some dumb, immature frat boy to take my v-card. I’m sorry but, I’m so much better than that. — Megan, 21

11. “A lot of my friends have lost their virginity wasted or high. Some of them don’t even remember it. I think that’s sad, and I’d like to lose mine with some dignity.” — Lindsay, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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