10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Feel Instantly Sexier


1. Embrace your curves. Time and time again we shame ourselves for the way our hips stick out, or for having thighs that touch together. Look at yourself in the mirror and pick out five things you love about your appearance. Rock your curves and be grateful for how hard your body works every day.

2. Free your mind. Pick up a pen and paper and write down everything that is worrying you right now. Sometimes, writing things down and seeing all the tiny insignificant things you fret about is all it takes to ease the mind. Usually what you worry about now will never actually happen, and if it does, it never turns out to be as bad as you think it will.

3. Treat yourself. You are constantly worrying about other people and are always trying to please everyone at once, but it’s time to take care of yourself now. Go out and buy that dress you’ve been eyeing for months. Grab a friend you haven’t seen in a while and catch up over coffee. Maybe get that haircut you have always wanted but have been too scared to get. No matter what you do, make sure it brings a smile to your face. You deserve that.

4. Put on something that shows a little skin. That piece of lingerie you know looks great on you that is hiding in your drawer somewhere? Put it on and look at yourself. There is no greater feeling than appreciating your own figure and being proud of that. Embrace your own skin and be confident in not only what you look like, but in who you are.

5. Turn up the heat. Take yourself on a nice date in. Light some of your favorite candles, pour yourself some wine and take a long relaxing bath. There is no greater stress relief than the mixture of wine and hot water soothing your body. Everyone feels better after taking some time for themselves.

6. Embrace your inner geek. Turn off all your electronic devices, and instead turn to your bookshelves. Sometimes, all it takes is curling up with your favorite book to stimulate your sexy mind. Who says nerds can’t be hot?

7. Ditch the instant oatmeal. Instead of your usual fast fix in the morning, wake up a bit earlier and fix yourself a feast. There is nothing sexier than fresh coffee and avocado toast topped with a fried egg. Your tastebuds will thank you.

8Get that Vitamin D. Your body constantly craves warmth and sunshine. A walk in the park or a weekend retreat to the beach with your best friends is all you need to instantly feel refreshed. But, please don’t forget the sunscreen.

9. Talk it out. Feeling sexy isn’t just about your appearance, you have to feel it on the inside too. Talk to your loved ones about your anxiety and worries. Leave it all out on the table and feel your stress melt away as you share your feelings. Who needs therapy when you’ve got your buddies?

10. Be alone. Sometimes when the stress of the world is heavy on our shoulders, we need to spend time with just ourselves. Try out a new hobby, or plant some new flowers. Whatever you do, let yourself just be content without having no one around you. Let yourself feel great in the company of youThought Catalog Logo Mark

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