Let Yourself Lean Into An Easy Love

Let Yourself Lean Into An Easy Love

When he touches you it’s a touch that is comforting,

When he kisses you it feels safe,

When he wraps his arms around you, you finally feel at home.

You couldn’t have imagined having someone who is so easy;

Someone who is so simple to get along with.

See, you have to allow yourself to be okay with an easy love,

With a love that holds you,

With a love that surrounds you with strength,

And holds you up with support.

You have to learn to be with someone who can’t even understand how you have insecurities,

But listens to them without judgment,

without trying to find some cure for them,

just simply surrounds you with a sense of calm.

This sense of calm;

this is an easy love that is so different than what you have experienced before.

There is no yelling, no screaming.

You walk around them and wonder when this easy love is going to turn.

You’re so used to it turning.

You’re not used to love being so easy.

You’re not used to a love so simple.

For so long you were used to the bending and breaking and molding yourself into trying to make a relationship work

For so long you were used to sheltering yourself, wearing a mask of happiness that you thought others wouldn’t dare question.

For so long you were used to worrying about not saying the wrong words, not setting anyone off, whispering and walking ever so lightly around issues that you knew you wouldn’t be able to tiptoe around forever.

For so long you were used to the yelling, the hateful words he would spit into the pit of your soul and you were left wondering if this is really what you would settle for if this was really what you wanted out of life.

Until finally, you found yourself, you found hope and you found healing all on your own.

When you finally find yourself after so long of being alone, it’s hard to let anyone in again.

It’s so fucking hard to let anyone even get close to getting inside your thoughts and fears and into your heart.

It’s especially hard when someone new comes into your life and is unlike the uneasiness you felt before.

The simple life of this strange sense of gentleness and softness within a person that feels like something you hadn’t felt before in a partner.

The gentle touch, a warm hug, an understanding smile in the midst of an argument.

Finally, someone who understands you and you can’t quite figure out why it feels so unknown to you.

This easy love is so different than the rest that it’s hard for you to finally let in.

It’s so hard to finally allow someone to get close to you.

It’s so hard to finally allow yourself to accept the love, to lean into the touch and love of someone whose love feels simple and understanding and unlike anything you’ve been used to.

This is an easy love.

A lasting love.

A love that forgives and understands and comforts you in every way you could have imagined.

An easy love that you can finally, unequivocally lean into.

Writer and bad dancer navigating through life with her words

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