22 Great, Romantic Date Night Movies That Guys Will Enjoy Just As Much As Girls

Earlier this week I wrote about how the college acapella movie Pitch Perfect might actually be for guys–or at the very least, a movie that even the most Bro-ey dude could surprisingly appreciate. Predictably, this prompted many people to be all like “Wow Lance, that’s awesome! You should do a list of more movies that are great for both guys and girls!“**

**No one actually said this, I don’t think. But when you’re inviting your more-than-friend over, and need to figure out whether or not you should continue seeing each other for long enough to simply assume that you are now dating, this list could probably be extremely helpful.

1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)


A few movies on this list possess what I like to call the “Bro listening to Backstreet Boys” phenomenon. This occurs when someone is exposed to something their personal brand should probably hate, but ends up fully embracing it because it satisfies some sort of inexplicable sensory impulse. I.e., while Frat stars and Backstreet Boys probably shouldn’t go hand in hand theoretically, the caliber of music has given them no other choice but to incorporate it into their repertoire.

When a dude is exposed to a film that fits this criteria, he’ll be unable to stop watching for reasons he cannot explain, other than the fact that he needs to know what happens. At the movie’s conclusion, he’ll admit that while he had no business liking the movie, he couldn’t help himself. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is one of these movies.

2. Zoolander (2001)


The Bromance/Rivals plotline between Zoolander and Hansel merges nicely with a satirical take on the fashion world, all mixed in with a love story.

The quotability will establish a future precedent for inside jokes, and the upcoming sequel means that it’s somewhat relevant. So just like you and Gavin, this has got a lot of things going for it.

3. Swingers (1996)


A movie that’s seemingly for guys, but is, at its heart of hearts, a sappy take on love. Swingers feels unbelievably dated at this point (voicemails are a huge plot point), which is something that I think works to its favor–it shows that no matter the mediums, relationships are basically always the same.

4. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


The two “it” people of the 2010s. If he can’t handle the love/mental health aspect of the movie, just tell him it’s a movie about a father and son who really like the Philadelphia Eagles. And that Chris Tucker is in it.

5. The Spectacular Now (2013)


Don’t watch this if you’re trying to break up with someone anytime soon. It tricks you into thinking that the world is the greatest place on earth.

6. Hitch (2005)


Will Smith is one of the few actors those with x and y chromosomes can mutually agree on.

7. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)


It shakes up the traditional rom-com format quite well. This is very good for the dude who is slowly dabbling into hipsterdrome, but needs to move at his own pace.

One of those movies that isn’t gonna satisfy every couple, but could also end up being you and your partner’s favorite flick.

8. Annie Hall (1977)


Widely considered one of the best romantic comedies of all-time, and for good reason–the “comedy” aspect is outrageous.

Has withstood the test of time rather incredibly, likely because Woody Allen humor is basically Curb Your Enthusiasm + more intense existential doubt.

9. She’s All That (1999)


The Backstreet Boys Rule, through and through.

10. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005)


A chick-flick disguised as a raunchy comedy. Probably best for those couples who enjoy talking about how good you suddenly feel after taking a shit.

11. Say Anything (1989)


John Cusack’s finest hour. Very very quality. This was Cameron Crowe’s first directorial effort–Crowe also did Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire, and was the brains behind Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

12. Bridesmaids (2011)


Another one of those “seemingly for girls, but just as much for guys” movies. Opening with that very very funny John Hamm scene definitely helps the cause.

13. Serendipity (2001)


Big time Backstreet rule. I once watched this entire movie by myself, commercials and all. As outrageous as the plot-line is, the beginning scenes are so strong it’s believable enough–the perfect happy medium for a movie like this one. Jeremy Piven crushes it in support.

14. Zac And Miri Make A Porno (2008)


Like Virgin, best for couples who bond over weird raunchy things and call each other “dude.” But probably very good for those couples.

15. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)


I watched this movie during freshman year of college and thought it was good enough to watch with a girl I liked at the time. It worked out, I think. That, or she just felt bad for me for attempting to be slightly emo.

*Not sure how well this one ages. Feel like it may be tough to stomach if you’re over 20.

16. Adventureland (2009)


Probably the best movie out there dealing with the lazy college summers, doing weird jobs hanging with crazy hometown friends.

For those who’ve had this sort of experience, a timeless classic.

17. The Wedding Singer (1998)


Most Sandler movies are pretty much rom-coms posing as dick joke marathons with Steve Buscemi cameos. This one feels a bit different; maybe because it’s one of his earlier works.

Robbie is a very solid character that you can’t help but rooting for, guy or girl.

18. I Love You, Man (2009)


Just like many comedies based in LA, this revolves around people who are at very cool and culturally relevant, yet also comfortable financially.

A very underrated plotline here (and one to play up if you’re a guy) is the girlfriend trio. You have the engaged one, the married one, and the desperately single one. If you’re in your later 20s/early 30s, this probably resonates quite loudly.

19. Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)


Quirky, odd, and a good story. Again for those who are considering dabbling in hipster lifestyles, and/or enjoy doing things like going to the recently gentrified area of the city.

Also for those who love Nick from New Girl.

20. Pitch Perfect (2012)


As discussed. I found this surprisingly tremendous.

21. Take Me Home  (2011)


One of those Netflix stowaways that probably has no business being as good as it is. Take Me Home is the story of two people, both in the middle of major life crises, finding themselves stuck together on a cross country road trip.

Fun fact, this was a passion project for the writer/director/lead actor Sam Jaeger and his wife Amber, who also happens to be the co-lead.

22. Easy A (2010)


Strongest application of the Backstreet Boy phenomenon. This should also have a cast that should withstand the test of time; in addition to Emma Stone we’ve got a pre-meltdown Amanda Bynes, a dangerously funny Stanley Tucci, and Gossip Girl Penn “despite my name, I somehow didn’t play lacrosse” Badgley.

Great fun. Time to crank up the Netflix. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

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