How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They Want To Be In A Relationship Vs. When They Just Want Something Casual

How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They Want To Be In A Relationship Vs. When They Just Want Something Casual


Relationship: When it comes to relationships, there is a stereotype that long-term connections can become monotonous or boring. An Aries strives for quite the opposite- they work hard to keep things exciting. They won’t allow things to be left as vague or uncertain when they’re with someone. Their actions speak louder than their words, but they aren’t afraid to declare their love when they are all in.

Casual: Aries are usually more inclined to be in relationships than casual affairs. Still, they have their seasons just like everyone else. While Aries being excited about someone is simply part of their personality, you can tell when things aren’t as serious based on how they handle inconvenient situations. While an Aries in love doesn’t let issues or schedules damper their pursuit, they won’t invest nearly as much in someone they view as temporary. They’ll slowly back off with their attention and won’t go out of their way to see someone if it’s not easy to do so.


Relationship: Taureans may seem initially reserved, but when they’re with someone, they make their intentions clear. They see their partner as equal parts someone to fall in love with and a potential fixture in their futures. They don’t hesitate to invest emotionally and even financially- with someone, they feel strongly for. When they’re dating someone, there isn’t room to question if it’s real.

Casual: If a Taurus is dating someone casually, it can take some time to recognize it if you don’t know what’s important to them. Taurus people look at partners as part of their future and start to incorporate them as such. While they may be kind to you and shower you with affection, they won’t introduce you to their friends or family. They may even insist on spending time at your place rather than theirs, so you don’t feel too comfortable in their space.


Relationship: A Gemini isn’t just looking for a romantic lover, but they are looking for a best friend who will grow with them. They indeed can become caught up in the excitement and feelings that new love brings. Still, if they are in it for the long haul, you’ll notice their intentions are more fixated on learning about you and deepening a bond that isn’t fixated on sex or romance. Gemini believes they can find romantic relationships anywhere, but if they want to be with someone, they want to create other bonds that stand the test of time, even when the rose-colored glasses wear off.

Casual: If a Gemini isn’t interested in being in a genuine relationship, they don’t try to engage beyond a surface level with someone. This doesn’t mean they won’t communicate or spend time having discussions with someone- it just means the topics won’t move into personal territory very often. They’ll avoid talks about moving forward, and they will keep someone at a distance who starts trying to define what they are.


Relationship: Cancers hold the reputation of being in love with love, and relationships are their forte. They enjoy the stability and loyalty that comes with being in a relationship and will pull out the stops to keep someone around. Similar to Taurus signs, they see a partner as part of their future, so if they are serious about someone, then they will introduce them to their friends and loved ones to see how they fit in. They also question their partner about their plans and interests for their own future to see if they will work long term. They will try to make the relationship a space of comfort and security to show it’s the right place to be.

Casual: If a Cancer is only wanting something casual, then it won’t always be obvious. They love being connected to someone, but if they don’t see a future with them, then they tend to keep them private. You may still experience an overwhelming amount of affection from them, but they will insist on keeping things low-key and only between them. While this can seem romantic, it’s not a great sign- if a Cancer thinks you’re going to be in their life, they’re not going to keep you hidden.


Relationship: Leos are given a bad rep for being egocentric, but when it comes to being in a relationship with someone, they are concerned with their own goals. Truthfully, a Leo doesn’t associate with anyone they can’t show off to some extent. Yet, when they want to be with them long term, they are looking for someone impressive in their own right. They will try to prove themselves to the person they are dating, showing they are worth being with. They also won’t hesitate to shower the person with affection and motivation in whatever ways they can.

Casual: Leos are social people and aren’t shy about their entanglements- serious or casual. If they are trying to keep things chill with someone, they usually pick someone who is exceptionally attractive that they can show off, regardless of whether that person does anything else worth talking about. They will be okay with going out and even bringing them into the social circle, but they won’t hype them up or try to get to know them past a surface level.


Relationship: Contrary to popular belief, Virgos aren’t against being in committed relationships. They just don’t want to waste their time- which means they are selective in who they invest their time in. If they’re going to be in a relationship, they will open up to you about things happening in their lives because they want you to know how important you are to them. If they provide any way to connect with them emotionally, it’s not to be taken lightly.

Casual: On the flip side, if they only want something casual, they will ensure the interactions are physical. Virgos can compartmentalize things exceptionally well, and don’t usually have an issue separating something physical from something emotional. They may be intense and passionate with you, but if they aren’t opening up to you in other ways, then it’s not anything they want to take further.


Relationship: Librans are extraordinarily diplomatic and friendly and can be extremely flirtatious. They hold a great deal of passion and have big dreams for themselves. If a Libra wants to be in a relationship with someone, they will share those hopes and dreams with them. They want to build something together and want an equal partnership, so if someone dismisses their hopes or has no interest in motivating them, they won’t stick around. Another strong sign is if the Libra has told their friends about the person- they are honest. They won’t hesitate to let their loved ones know if they are genuinely interested in the person.

Casual: Libras are kind and flirty, and that usually applies to anyone they come into contact with. They enjoy the fun and light aspects of interacting with people, and their effortless charm means it’s not hard for them to find someone to connect with. If they only want something casual, they will definitely flirt with you, but they will shamelessly flirt with others, too. They will make sure you’re aware of it, especially if they sense you are trying to pressure them to be something more.


Relationship: Scorpios are intense and spirited, something they don’t hold back when they are interested in someone. However, since they are a particularly passionate person in general, it can be difficult to distinguish how into you they truly are. One of the best ways to determine if they want a relationship is where the intensity is directed. Scorpios desire to be wholly connected to their partners on all levels, not just some. If they’re going to be serious with you, they will encourage you both to be completely vulnerable and open. They want to connect on emotional levels just as much (if not more) than physical ones.

Casual: If a Scorpio only wants something casual, they won’t waste time trying to immerse themselves in someone on all levels. They will channel their passion and excitement into the sexual moments they spend with the person. They won’t hold back their depth, it will just be shown differently. If and when someone wants to become more, they’ll deflect the conversation or insist they aren’t the “relationship type,” despite not being entirely the case.


Relationship: Sagittarius signs are optimistic and playful, and they quickly form relationships with others. They have a strong independent streak, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any interest in sharing their adventures with someone. One of the surest signs that a Sagittarius wants to be in a relationship involves them letting you in on their future goals and plans- and including you in them. They enjoy learning and growing with someone. They can easily have conversations with people, giving off the vibe they are super interested. However, what happens in a moment doesn’t mean they feel the same way the next. For a sign that is very fixated on the future, including someone in those goals is the best indicator that they want to take things to the next level.

Casual: On the opposite side of things, if a Sagittarius isn’t telling a person anything about their future plans, or telling them but not including them, they know things are pretty casual. Sagittarius might excitedly share their plans and dreams, but not ask the person to tag along. They try to keep things at the moment rather than talk about what comes next.


Relationship: Capricorns are persistent and straightforward. If they want something, they will set out to get it. They don’t want to beat around the bush or play games to get someone’s attention. If a Capricorn wants a relationship, they will say so.

Casual: Capricorns believe their time is precious, and typically don’t engage in casual encounters. When they do, you can tell that they don’t give them nearly as much importance as serious relationships. If they want to keep things low-key, they will try to squeeze the person into their schedule, rather than ask what works for the other person. If the person can’t fall in line with their available times or if it isn’t inconvenient, they won’t bother much about trying to see them.


Relationship: Aquarians hold many different interests and enjoy having intellectual discussions on those subjects. When it comes to sharing their emotions or personal stories, it often takes an extremely long time to get there. However, a sign that they want a relationship with someone is if they open up about their more controversial opinions or the things that matter to them deeply. Aquarius signs hold shockingly strong beliefs and views on subjects, which surprise many due to their tendency to discuss topics from various angles. If an Aquarius feels comfortable sharing their personal opinions or controversial ones with a person, it shows how much they trust them and that they want them around for a long time.

Casual: When it comes to being casual, Aquarius signs may have the worst reputation. Known for their tendency to act detached and aloof, it’s easy to believe that the majority of Aquarius connections are casual. If an Aquarius sign only wants something laid-back, they will disappear without reason, but reappear whenever they’re lonely. They will only show back up if it makes sense for them.


Relationship: Pisces are nurturing and affectionate people, particularly with those they have an interest in. They are empathetic and are great at giving one on one attention to whoever they are with. Though their kindness can be hard to construe, it’s a good sign they want to be in a relationship when they singularly lavish their energy and attention. They tend to dive in quickly once they feel strongly for a person, and they won’t hesitate to express their adoration in every way they know how. If they are staying in one place and focusing on you, they want something more.

Casual: Pisces may be understanding and kind, but they also have a hard time making decisions. This can lead to confusion for those who don’t know them well. If a Pisces is wanting to keep things informal, they will be back and forth with their attention. One day they might be all over the person; the next, they will be withdrawn. Any conversations trying to define the situation will be met with uncertainty and vagueness- they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but they just can’t get themselves to commit unless they are sure.

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