This Is You At Your Best Vs. You At Your Worst Based On Your Enneagram Type

This Is You At Your Best Vs. You At Your Worst Based On Your Enneagram Type

Type 1: The Reformer

Best: You’re dedicated to making the world around you a better place, and you aren’t afraid to start with yourself. You’re principled and objective- the kind of person people love to come to when they need an unbiased perspective. You’re straightforward and can’t stand to see people treated unfairly, and you’ll take up for your loved ones if you see it happening. You’re able to recall details and the small stuff that others might miss, and they appreciate you for it.

Worst: You’re too hard on yourself and on others- you believe everyone should adhere to perfect standards and tear them apart when they don’t. You have a hard time trusting anyone because you can’t see how anyone could possibly be good or upstanding with so much corruption in the world. You know you’re not perfect, but you do tend to think you’re in higher moral standing than others because of how fixated you are on “right” and “wrong.” Even when you step out of line morally, you’re still quick to judge others harshly, and you don’t care if you’re being hypocritical about it.

Type 2: The Helper

Best: You go out of your way to make others feel loved and appreciated. You’re in tune with the needs of the people around you, and you do whatever you can to make them feel welcomed and included in any situation. You don’t expect anything from others in return, just knowing you’ve made someone feel loved is enough for you. You are able to shine a light on other’s positive aspects that they may have a hard time seeing, and people are drawn towards your warmth and assurance.

Worst: You want to feel needed, so you involve yourself in the lives of others and try to “fix” their problems- even if they never asked you to. You claim you don’t want anything in return, but you feel resentful if people don’t thank or validate the things you do, which leads to you being passive-aggressive and hurtful over time. You become possessive over others if you feel they are slipping away from you, and aren’t afraid to manipulate a situation if it means ensuring that you are needed.

Type 3: The Achiever

Best: You’re ambitious and hard-working, unafraid to chase after your goals with a passion others admire. You have a knack for picking up multiple skills and are adaptable to whatever life throws at you. You’re charming and people are naturally drawn to your confidence- you inspire others to believe in themselves because they see the example in you. When it comes to making things happen, people know they can count on you to lead the way.

Worst: You’re concerned with being successful above anything else- so you will do whatever it takes to get there. You won’t hesitate to manipulate or use others if it means creating connections that will further your goals. You can be jealous and downplay other’s happiness and success stories if you feel you’re not where you want to be in life. You have a tendency to believe that you’re superior to others because of your charm and work ethic, discounting anyone who doesn’t appear to be on the same level as you.

Type 4: The Individualist

Best: You’re incredibly self-aware and strive for authenticity in all your relationships. You aren’t afraid to ask the tougher questions in order to get to the heart of a matter- you’re always searching for something you feel is missing. You’re intensely in tune with your emotions and the emotions of others, and you’re able to express them in creative and unique ways. People are drawn to your complexity and emotional awareness.

Worst: You are convinced you are so different from everyone else that you believe no one is worth getting close to. You alienate others in an attempt to prove you’re special and complex. You allow your emotions to rule your life and you don’t spend much time thinking of the consequences. You can tend to blame the rest of the world for your behaviors because you believe no one could ever possibly understand who you are or what you need.

Type 5: The Investigator

Best: You’re inquisitive and intellectual, and have a relentless thirst for understanding the world around you. You’re able to take in large amounts of information and analyze it, giving you a full in-depth understanding of whatever it is you’re wanting to know. People are drawn to your curiosity and intelligence, and your ability to look at the world in a multi-faceted yet objective way. You’re able to come up with unconventional, insightful methods to problems that you see, and people admire your ability to take on an issue in a different and effective way.

Worst: You’re arrogant and prideful of your intelligence, and you view yourself as superior to the majority of people you come into contact with. You distance yourself from emotions, and in turn, you tend to devalue the importance of caring for others emotions. You detach from the world and refuse to let others get close to you, viewing them as a distraction and threat to your way of life.

Type 6: The Loyalist

Best: You’re protective and reliable- you want to make sure the people you love are safe and taken care of. You are consistently able to see any potential problems that may arise in a situation, giving you a sense of preparedness that others appreciate. You are loyal and dedicated, and strive to be a safe haven that people can turn to. People are drawn to your warmth and assuredness- they know without a doubt that they can trust you in any circumstance.

Worst: You allow fear to run your life. You are so afraid of what could go wrong, you rarely choose to take any risks or follow through on situations. You fear for your own safety as well as the safety of your loved ones, and it causes you to smother your relationships in attempts to have a grip on things. You believe no one can truly be trusted, and you allow your insecurity to make your decisions for you.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Best: You’re explorative and excitable, viewing the world as full of possibilities. You bring a strong sense of joy and optimism to your surroundings, and people appreciate your desire to make others laugh and keep their spirits up. You’re adaptable and spontaneous, ready to take on whatever life may throw your way. People are drawn to your adventurous streak and uplifting attitude that inspires them to pursue their own goals and dreams.

Worst: You’re impulsive to a fault- you don’t necessarily think through your decisions. You tend to think you know more than you do about certain topics, and you assert your “intelligence” over others often. You often allow your restlessness and boredom to lead the way so you can avoid dealing with your problems. You don’t always follow through on your promises to others if you come across a better opportunity, and it can cause you to sever your relationships with people.

Type 8: The Challenger

Best: You are strong and direct about your goals- you aren’t afraid to take action whenever it’s called for. You can come off as intimidating, but you have a big heart that cares deeply for others- particularly ones who you sense need protecting. You are influential in a positive way, and you aren’t afraid to use that to advocate for fairness and equality in the world. People admire you for your strength and determination, as well as your follow-through in making things happen rather than just thinking about it.

Worst: You’re demanding and domineering, unaware or unaffected by how intimidating you are to others. You don’t want to be controlled so you exert control over others, insisting you know what’s best. You tend to dismiss those that you consider weak or ineffective, and you don’t have any issues walking all over a person to do whatever you think is necessary. You act quickly and without much thought, which can cause pain and unnecessary consequences in a situation that could’ve been highly avoidable.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Best: You’re genuine and kind-hearted, and it radiates through you in a big way. You care deeply about understanding others as well as yourself, and you strive to bring people together in a positive way. You make others feel at home and validated when they’re with you, and they aren’t afraid to be themselves. You’re agreeable and adaptable, willing to go with the flow when life takes a turn for the unexpected. You have an overwhelming amount of patience and empathy, and people are drawn to your authentic nature and desire to help others see the good in themselves.

Worst: You allow others to walk all over you in the name of peace. You rely too much on what others think of you or what they need from you, so you’re willing to change to become whatever they want you to be. You hesitate to speak up about what you need, then become resentful when those needs aren’t met. You prefer to sweep issues under the rug so that you can avoid conflict, regardless of how desperately the issue may need to be addressed. You become passive-aggressive towards others when you feel you’re being overlooked or ignored and will blame others for not being there for you.

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