The Best Thing About Being In A Relationship With You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENFP: Your optimists and encouraging nature. You’re the embodiment of absolute enthusiasm, optimism, and encouragement. Anyone who is in a relationship with you has a hard time not feeling better just by being around you. While you won’t pretend that negative feelings are non-existent, you make it your goal to inspire and cheer up the people you love, and the person you’re in love with is no exception.

ENTP: Your constant stream of creative ideas. You don’t understand the definition of the word boring, and you make sure your partner doesn’t either. The person who dates you will be captivated by your charm, sure, but will really love hearing all the crazy and exciting ideas you have going on inside your brain, and they will never be able to complain that they’re ever honestly bored.

INFP: Your ability to know them better than they do. You have the most natural understanding of anyone who takes the time to be around you, it’s almost scary. Your ability to know people in ways few others do, including themselves, is incredibly attractive and is one of the best things about dating you. Your understanding of the other person puts them at ease and allows them to be their honest selves that they don’t feel they can be around others.

INTP: Your constant desire to grow/learn. While you tend to be a pretty reserved person by nature, there is a goldmine of intellect brooding underneath the exterior, and if someone is able to break through your initial wall and catch your interest, they’ll be privy to a lot of thought-provoking discussions and interesting theories, which can be a surprising bond more than anyone may realize.

ESFJ: Your die-hard commitment to the relationship. There are few people who will go as above and beyond to meet the needs of their significant other than you and you do this because when you’re absolutely all in, there is nothing you won’t do to make sure the other person is taken care of. Your commitment in a dating world that hinges itself on vague and apathy is insanely refreshing.

ISFJ: Your selfless nature towards people and the world around you. There are many words to describe you, but selfless is almost always at the top of the list. You rarely hesitate to put someone else’s needs above your own, and though this may get you into trouble sometimes, it’s also an incredibly wonderful quality you express in your relationships, as well as in your daily life.

ESTJ: Your committed and protective nature. When it comes to your loved ones, and significant others, in particular, you will never hesitate to protect and commit yourself to them wholeheartedly. Regardless of what life might throw your way, your significant other will never doubt that you’re in their corner and ready to defend them if necessary- and it’s incredibly reassuring.

ISTJ: Your absolute loyalty and dependable nature. You have a lot of good qualities about you that people tend to take for granted, but no one can deny that if they need someone, they know they can always depend on you. You take your time getting into relationships and you aren’t one to play games, so when you’ve found someone to be with, they will know your eyes are only for them and they can count on you when they need it most, and that security is unparalleled.

ENFJ: Your ability to love beyond the dark parts. You have a strong desire to know everything about the people you care about it and it’s not difficult for those people to open up around you about anything, the good and the bad. Yet you never let the dark parts of a person keep you from loving them whole-heartedly, and that trait is one that doesn’t go unappreciated by the person who loves you.

INFJ: Your incredible capacity for empathy. You may spend a lot of time inside your own head, but that doesn’t negate your ability to empathize with the people you care about. Your tendency to deeply understand and feel the emotions of another person as closely as your own make your partner feel understood and loved in ways they can’t explain, and it’s by far an incredible experience.

ESTP: Your adventurous streak that never seems to run dry. When it comes to your life, you are down for pretty much anything, and that doesn’t change in your relationships either. You’re always jumping at the chance on taking on a new experience, and the person by your side is not only blown away by your sense of adventure but enjoys being with someone who shows them a whole other world of new things and memories to take in.

ISTP: Your ability to live in and for the moment. For most people, it can be far too easy to get stuck in the past or worry about the future, but you have an incredible knack for enjoying life in the present moment exactly as it is. Anyone who dates you benefits greatly from your perspective, and it’s by far one of the best things about being with you.

ESFP: Your constantly charming spontaneity.  You have a spontaneous streak, and anyone who knows you at all is fully aware of it. You’re not one to go through the same motions over and over, and anyone who ends up in a relationship with you is refreshed by your change of pace- they know they won’t ever have the same day twice.

ISFP: Your intensely artistic personality. The way you are able to process and see the world through your creative mind is something not to be underestimated, and truthfully when you’re in a relationship you enjoy sharing this aspect with your partner, despite your usual guarded nature. The person you’re in a relationship with recognizes how incredible it is to see the world through a different view, and it’s insanely intriguing.

ENTJ: Your drive to help people succeed. Everyone knows you’re a go-getter in every sense of the word, and you don’t stop until you get what you achieve. Something others may not initially realize, however, is just how much you want to see the people you love to succeed in their goals as well. You’re determined nature is incredibly motivating to the person you’re in a relationship with, and it’s easily one of the best things about being with you.

INTJ: Your complex and fascinating mind and all it contains. Despite that it may take some time for a person to get to know you, when you’re in a relationship with someone you enjoy discussing the intelligent thoughts and interesting theories rungs around inside your brain- and the person you’re dating isn’t one to take this for granted, but is absolutely blown away and intrigued at the things you discuss with them. Your mind is an insanely fascinating place, and getting the chance to explore it is easily one of the best things about dating you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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