You Deserve Someone Who Is Thrilled To Love You Every Day


I think we tend to take for granted how important it is to be in a relationship with someone who excites you, and is excited about you. I’ve experienced a lot of the first, but I haven’t had much luck with the latter.

To an extent every relationship starts with two people being excited about the other one. There is always that initial excitement that comes with a brand new relationship, the infatuation and the discovery of it all. Everyone feels the butterflies, blushes when they kiss for the first time, and shares a genuine thrill about the new relationship. Inevitably though, the excitement tends to wear off- and the expression and enjoyment seems to fade with it.

When it comes to a relationship, I’m just looking for someone to be excited about me. Because honestly, I’m excited about me- 23 years has given me time to learn to love myself, and I’m happy with who I’ve become and who I continue to be. And I’m excited about you, too. I don’t invest myself with anyone that doesn’t get me excited. I don’t aspire to surround myself with people who are only fluent in small talk and only content with average. I get excited about people, so it would only make sense that I want people to be excited about me too.

It would only make sense that I would want the person I love to be excited about me too.

I’m not looking for someone who is only excited about me behind closed doors. I’m not looking for someone who is only excited when I do something they ask, or something to only benefit them. I want someone who even in spite of situations, circumstances, or arguments still ends up looking at me at the end of it all and is excited to spend another day with me.

The thing is, I don’t care how you show me you’re excited- just find your way. Make it known. Make it clear.

Every day won’t be exciting. I may be optimistic, but I’m not unrealistic. There will be days where things are dull, boring, or unpleasant. There will be days when neither of us feels like showing any kind of emotion besides indifference. I don’t expect you to fake enthusiasm or feelings that you don’t have.

I spent a lot of time settling for people who just weren’t excited about me. They liked me. They thought I was fun, and cool, and good company. Let me tell you, there is nothing more painful than looking into the eyes of someone who sets your soul on fire and gets you excited about this particular moment in time, only to see their own reflect hollowness and indifference.

Because thing about people is this- we all have things we are passionate about. We have things that move us, and make our eyes light up when they come up in conversation. We have dreams, desires, and passions that excite us, and we enjoy them without restraint. I’ve watched people who have passions, and I’ve been passionate about people. I’ve seen people light up in their passions, and if we end up together I want to be one of your passions too.

I don’t need to be your world. Truthfully, I don’t want to be. I want you to have your own dreams and goals and live your own life.

I just want to be part of it, and I want you to be excited about sharing this world with me. I want my laugh and my humor to inspire you, I want you to admire the things about me that you find unique. I have spent so long attaching myself to people who were passionate about many things- which is why I’m attracted them- yet I never quite made the list. I never ended up being something they became passionate about. I would hold out hope that if they just got to know me a little better, stayed a little longer, tried a little harder, they would see something in me that excited them- something they wanted to keep. Instead, it just gave them more time to find more reasons why things wouldn’t work out. Why I deserved better than them.

To be honest, they were right. I did. I deserved someone who looked at me as if I was magic and held onto me like I might slip away. I deserved someone who took the time to make sure I knew I was loved and cared for. I deserved someone who grabbed my hand on crowded sidewalks, instead of slipping their hands in embarrassment in their pockets.

I deserved someone who was excited about me and about a life with me.

So darling, that’s where I’m hoping you come in.

Because I’m tired of dating people who simply just want me around for a good time or hold onto me because they think they are supposed to. I don’t want someone who tries to force themselves to stay with me if they really aren’t excited about me.

I’m waiting for someone who looks at me the way they look at something they find intriguing, interesting, and wonderful. I want someone to go the extra mile, not for attention, but simply because I want a love that calls for something like that. A relationship that consists of two people excited about life and excited about each other.

I don’t want to fall in love with someone again who is excited about me for only a little while, only for me to become something he must put up with later on. I know life is challenging, and we don’t have an idea if what may happen.

Don’t come into my life because let me tell you, I will get excited about you. I will look forward to our time together and I’ll be anxious to tell you about things happening in my life. I will talk about you to my friends and family with such animation that they will have to tell me to calm down, but I won’t. I won’t try to hide my excitement about you, and I won’t have to try to conjure it up, because it will already be there.

So if you’re just as excited as I am, then grab my hand, and let’s go see what happens. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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