If You’re Withholding These 10 Things From Your Partner, You’re Absolutely Sabotaging Your Relationship

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I’ve watched people break up and it can be terrible, especially when they really loved each other deeply. But why do they still leave if they both feel the same, but aren’t willing to work it out?

Here’s the thing, there are a lot things you could unconsciously be refusing to provide to your partner that is slowly killing your relationship. You better take care of it before it’s too late. Here are 10 of the most important things you should not withhold from your partner.

1. Understanding

You must both set ground rules and have an understanding that this must be followed and done accordingly. And for the other, you have to understand each other without keeping records of wrongs. You have to understand each other’s differences and that you are allowed to like different things.

2. Communication

Each couple should communicate, even at the bare minimum. Communication helps people to reach out physically, mentally, and emotionally to one another. You have to let each other know that you are on the same page. Communication also helps to lessen fights and arguments. There’s nothing wrong with keeping in touch with each other.

3. Time

Also known as putting them as a priority. You need to put your loved one as one of your top five priorities so they know that they are important to you and that they are one of the things that matter most in your life.

4. Freedom

I know you love him, but give him some space to breathe. Guys don’t like to be controlled or to be limited from the things that they want to do. The point is, you cannot change a person just so they can fit your standard, or should I say, you cannot keep someone behind bars to deserve your love.

5. Privacy

Common mistake of everyone. You thought that if someone truly loves, you they would be honest about everything and lay it all out for you. But if they do that, they no longer have their privacy. Like I said, you cannot lock someone up to make sure that they really love you. After all, they chose you.

6. Honesty

If you cannot provide honesty to your partner, then don’t be shocked if he’s doing the same to you. Being open in a relationship means a lot and it makes it easier to be able to trust them. Love is about being secure with someone. Imagine if you hate how he chews so loud and you will not be honestly to tell him that. Do you think he would change his bad habits on his own?

7. Support

If you really love someone, you will support them in whatever it is that makes them happy. You will not be the first person to hold him back from following his dreams, you will help him achieve it. Be there when he needs someone to cheer him up and not put him down even more. Giving support to someone is like helping them walk when they’re drunk, they will put all their weight on you. It will be heavy, but worth it.

8. Trust

Trust is always a problem in every relationship, but you cannot use that as an excuse for having trust issues. You gave him your heart, let him prove to you that he deserves it, and vice versa. Trust is very hard to earn, especially when it has been lost. You cannot fix a broken and shattered plate, so be careful and don’t play with it.

9. Intimacy/Fun

Of course, fun adds the spice to every relationship. If you take that away, then I don’t know what else is left. So travel as much as you need. Walk in the rain and dance in the dark. Do whatever it is that makes both of you happy. Also, intimacy is a major component of every relationship. Being able to touch someone you love and knowing each and every part of their body is like knowing what their favorite food is. That is one of the major things you cannot withhold from your man, or you’ll definitely lose him.

10. Affection

If you cannot show love and care to your partner, then why are you staying? Why would you hold them back from looking for it somewhere else? If you love him, show it. Give it to him, let him know that he is loved and cared for because that is why you are together. That is the point why you chose each other. You cannot deny someone what you have promised from the start. You cannot deny them the love they deserve or else let them go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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