Dear God, I Hope To Love You More This Year

Dear God, I Hope To Love You More This Year

Lord, I want to wear my love for You like runes etched on my skin. Carrying it day by day for all the world to see. I want to love You loud with every piece of my soul.

As this brand new season unfolds, I realized how much I’ve missed You. How far I’ve distanced myself away from Your love. I can taste the guilt on my lips as I think of all the ways I’ve chosen the world over my faith.

I handled some situations my own way, created my own mess until there was nothing left but the chaos in my broken heart. You’ve seen me trembling in sadness and confusion when the lights were off, and everybody thought I was sleeping peacefully. You’ve known my battles. You fought them for me. You heard the cries I tried to stifle. You knew the sins I was too ashamed to speak of.

I wasn’t like the daughter You claimed as Yours.

And yet, You came running for my rescue. You covered me in purity that can only come from You. You held me against Your arms and reminded me that I am still Your child. I am Yours from the very start.

I am Yours endlessly. You renewed my faith and helped me start over.

I have a lot of hopes for this year but above all, I hope to love You more, My Father. I hope to sing You praise at the top of lungs. I hope to write about Your salvation in the pages of my life.

I want to understand my own heart while I seek Yours. I want to put You first and love You the most, Dear God. This is the only way I can love others as You taught me how.

You proclaimed Your love for Your children on Mount Calvary. I no longer want to love You in silence, behind the comfort of my own walls. I want a love that climbs mountains and makes it move.

I want to live out this love like a fire that burns every trace of hatred and resentment in me. I want to love You, Lord, with my heart that has known brokenness and redemption.

I want to love You more, Lord God, because You are what love is. I want to love You because You loved me first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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