I Won’t Let You Break My Heart In 2018

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2017 taught me a lot. It taught me to open myself up to opportunities and let people in. I grew immensely as a person and let myself feel more than I thought possible. And while I’m thankful for everything I felt, I also fault myself for letting people in that didn’t deserve it.

Not everyone has your best interest in mind. And not everyone wants a relationship. While I may have been naive about people in the past year, I won’t let that happen in 2018. I will be pickier about people whom I open myself up to. I will keep my expectations high and trust my instincts. Because I’ve learned they really are always right.

I won’t let you break my heart in 2018. I won’t let you make me feel inferior. I won’t let you make me feel stupid for wanting someone to talk to. For wanting someone who can commit. For wanting someone who actually cares. I won’t let you waste my time.

I won’t let you break my heart in 2018. Because I know my worth. I would rather be carefree than be constantly worrying about someone who doesn’t care about me. I won’t close myself off, but I’ll be sure to be more careful with my heart. I’m sick of one-sided relationships where I’m always left giving more, feeling more.

Because nobody deserves to be left wondering all the time. Wondering why they’re not good enough. Because the truth is, it’s not about you. The truth is you wasted your time on someone who’s not ready to commit. Someone too immature. Someone who still doesn’t know what they want. Someone who acts like a child.

2017 taught me to know my worth. I adopted a carefree attitude. I’m happy where I am. And I won’t let you break me.

I won’t let you break my heart in 2018. But if you want my heart, it won’t come easy. Maybe I have built up walls. Because they’ve been broken down so many times, I might not seem so open anymore. I may not look for love and relationships like I once did. I’ve learned to trust the timing. And I won’t just throw myself out there.

2017 made me strong. In ways that I didn’t think possible. Strong and happy. Happy where I am in life. To the point where I never want to depend on someone else. Never want my happiness to be based on my relationships.

I won’t let you break my heart in 2018. But if you want it, it’s here. I’m waiting for someone who will make it all worth it. And when that person comes along, maybe it will all make sense.

Everything we go through in life has a purpose. I believe that. We must go through mountains, and obstacles, to get where we need to be. So I’ll be waiting. For the person. The one that won’t break my heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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