30 Little Habits You’ll Begin To Develop Only When You Really Master Self-Love

30 Little Habits You'll Begin To Develop Only When You Really Master Self-Love
AJ Garcia

1. Creativity begins to rank higher than other people’s opinions of your work. Your art is for your soul- flourish! “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” — Epictetus

2. You say, “I can’t” or “no” instead of “maybe” if you know you don’t want to or cannot attend an event.

3. On the flipside, you say, “yes!” right away if your gut immediately knows the answer. Your inner voice knows what is best for you. Bye mind games. Hello, authenticity!

4. When you’re upset, you skip out on partying and binge-drinking. A clear mind breaks down the problem to form a clear solution.

5. You’re not afraid to ask for advice in dire moments of need.

6. You no longer convince people who don’t seem to care for you to care for you.

7. You cherish those who support you and have your back even more than you already did.

8. You speak your mind when you want to even if your voice or fingers shake. You are silent when you want to be too.

9. You wear what you want when you want. Wear that crop top. Own the fact you are comfortable in your own skin.

10. You fall in love with your solitude because being your own best friend first attracts relationships of equal value.

11. You fall in love with whoever you want. The heart wants what it wants.

12. You no longer prioritize those who consider you an option or people who make you feel bad for being exactly who you are.

13. You no longer conform your character to meet someone else’s expectations. Let them trip over the pedestal you didn’t ask to be put on.

14. Mental and physical health and privacy take priority over making money for other people.

15. You own your story. If someone makes false accusations or negative comments about you, the power is in your hands to correct them or stay silent and let them think whatever they want.

16. You stop settling for less than you deserve professionally. You do your research, know your worth, and find your tribe because they know your worth too.

17. You recognize it is okay to change your mind and don’t beat yourself up over it.

18. You seek healing and transformation in your personal life. You know the caterpillar turns into the butterfly eventually, so you’re patient with yourself and go through the process.

19. You invest in what makes you feel alive.

20. You see the value in aspiring to inspire others by living authentically.

21. On the other hand, you no longer give energy vampires the reaction(s) they crave. You envision a bubble around you to keep them away. You protect yourself.

22. You fight your own battles first, so you can be successful in being a peacemaker or martyr to others. “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” — Aristotle

23. You look beautiful for YOU.

24. You treat people how you want to be treated instead of treating people how they treat you.

25. You learn the power of positive self-talk and adopt it.

26. You forgive yourself in times of negativity. You know you are only human and doing the best you can.

27. You recognize every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Mishaps and hard times shape you to be stronger and wiser. Everyone struggles and grows at different rates.

28. You embrace the uncertainty even when you are terrified, but you meet it head on. You take action to move forward opposed to just talking about it.

29. You’re aware the more you know… the less you know. You seek infinite knowledge. “All I know is I know nothing.” — Socrates

30. You recognize vulnerability isn’t weakness. Its strength. You love that kooky, growing person you are and accept him/her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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