13 Women Confess The Dumbest Reason They Broke Up With Someone


1. “When we met, he had a beard. After about a month, he shaved it and I realized underneath that beard he looks like a prepubescent boy. Like…I didn’t sign up to date Benjamin Button.”

— Luisa, 25

2. “We were the same height. I wasn’t into it.”

— Ana, 31

3. “He couldn’t spell doesn’t. He spelled it dosen’t. DOSEN’T.”

— Vivienne, 22

4. “I found out, and I’m not kidding, he considers Calvis Harris his idol. His. Idol.”

— Ashley, 24

5. “We went to the gym together one time and his ‘lifting weights grunt’ was so disgusting, I couldn’t get it out of my mind the rest of the day. My attraction to him disappeared.”

— Sonia, 28

6. “I was dating this guy and introduced him to a bunch of my friends. Later one of my friends was pretty drunk and told me my new boyfriend looked like Mr. Potato Head. She was right.”

— Katy, 22

7. “He didn’t cry during Marley & Me.”

— Rachael, 25

8.“He argued with me for an entire hour about whether or not The Office is overrated.”

— Lauren, 24

9. “I was helping him practice for an interview and I learned he has one of those weak, terrible handshakes. Like a dead fish. Lost any lady boner I may have had for him.”

— Melissa, 28

10. “I could see too much of his gums whenever he smiled. I don’t know why, but it’s a thing of mine and I just can’t deal. He can’t help it, I realize that’s just how his mouth is. But ugh. Too much gums. I don’t wanna see that much of his gums.”

— Kelly, 25

11. “He was a vegan. Which like, cool, that’s fine! But he made me feel like shit whenever I had meat. Boy, bye.”

— Sofia, 29

12. “He sweated excessively. During sex. During the day. When it was warm (not even hot, just warm) outside. He was ALWAYS sweating. Yuck.”

— Yesi, 24

13. “He took forever to text me back. I mean like, 3 days later. I don’t have time for that shit. I’m not waiting around.”

— Christina, 22

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