16 Things That Happen When You're A Night Owl AND An Early Bird

16 Things That Happen When You’re A Night Owl AND An Early Bird

Some people are early birds, who are said to choose the choicest worm, and be some of the most productive people. But night owls are known for being highly creative and intelligent (and having psychopathic tendencies). Most people are one or the other. And then there are a few of us, who suffer from being both. (I read somewhere we’re called hummingbirds? Who came up with that?) Anyway, here’s what happens when you’re a hummingbird:

1. You most likely lean towards one or the other – night owl or early bird that is. But either way, you can be whatever the day, week, month, and year needs you to be. And there’s a lot of value in that.

2. Falling asleep is difficult but waking up is relatively easy. It may sound like the perfect combination for living life to the fullest. But it can be an incredibly annoying experience when you feel like your body just needs a little bit more rest.

3. You just don’t understand how people can sleep for hours on end. You have a theory that if you slept for longer than eight hours, your body would be more tired than if you slept for four hours.

4. The number one reason you will fall sick will always have to do with your lack of sleep. And that may actually be the only time you will sleep for a longer period of time.

5. Your levels of procrastination are unbelievable to most because you know that you can either stay late and accomplish whatever you need to do. Or you simply get up early and do it.

6. Although you are definitely most creative in the darkness of the night or early hours of the morning, you know that the morning time provides an ambiance for motivation that no other time of day really does.

7. You don’t really need caffeine or sugar at the levels people do because clearly your DNA is indicative of being naturally high on life.

8. You have to constantly explain to people that you’re not actually an insomniac. Even though it may feel like it from time to time.

9. Your ability to pull all-nighters has been both a blessing and a curse that you’ve taken advantage of. It’s not a question of pulling an all-nighter, it’s a question of how many all-nighters you can pull consecutively.

10. People are floored by your ability to party till four in the morning and be a productive, functioning human being, ready for an early 5-miler or spin class the next morning. (To be honest, sometimes you’re floored by this too.)

11. If you ever have to live with other people, it’s an exercise in patience for them and a lesson in self-discipline for you. But mostly, you’re probably going to get on their nerves in some shape or form, because you’re always the last to go to bed and first to get up.

12. You also know the secret that most strict early birds or night owls miss out on: Mornings and nights are the best part of the day. And those are the times where your best thinking will most likely be done.

13. People tend to take advantage of the fact that you can be spontaneous at all hours of the day. So it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, most people can trust that you’ll be available to either be their late night friend or their personal alarm clock.

14. The best rest your body will probably ever get are the lengthy afternoon naps you sometimes treat yourself to. Besides, everyone knows the afternoon is the lamest part of the day. You are totally in support of siestas being a universal thing.

15. You tend to have extreme and contradictory personality traits that are representative of living this double life. One minute you’re chill, and the next you are borderline neurotic; one day every part of your life is organized, and the next day your entire life is falling apart.

16. And above anything else, you get to experience the best of both worlds – the restless quiet of night, and the peaceful silence of dawn. And even though you’re convinced at some point, your body will cave in and cease to function in the way it does now, you’re going to enjoy being more awake than everyone else, for however long it lasts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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