17 Unladylike Things 20-Something Women Have Got To Stop Doing

1. Calling each other derogatory names like bitch, slut, whore, etc. I’ll throw my hat in here because I definitely commit this offense, and like many other women, I too need to stop it. There are so many other words we can use to show affection to our fellow womenfolk that are not historical and present words used to demean women.

2. Taking embarrassing screenshots of people who are trying to date you (and you rejecting them) and posting it for the world to see. You may argue till the cows come home that both genders do this but to be honest, I have mostly only seen women do it and it needs to stop. This is just really tacky.

3. Either being extremely condescending when receiving a compliment, or self-deprecating. Neither is attractive. Just say, “thank you.”

4. Getting angry at guys for doing old-fashioned things. I kid you not this summer I came across a woman who was yelling at a dude for offering to help her with something. You know what’s really easy? Simply saying, “No, thank you.” There’s no need to yell.

5. Taking pride in not doing basic things like showering because “whatever, dudes do it too.” Question, why is the standard for humanity what some dude may or may not be doing? Showering is great, so is being well-groomed and presentable.

6. Acting dumb in order to impress a guy. Not only are most guys thoroughly unimpressed by this, you just make everybody around you feel uncomfortable. I don’t mean to sound like Ms. Norbury here but you really don’t have to dumb yourself down in order to get a guy to like you.

7. Acting extremely thirsty around someone because they gave you some mild attention. Hard-to-get is nonsense, playing games is nonsense, but just because the romantic attention you generally receive feels dryer than the California drought, it doesn’t mean you should still not think of yourself as a high quality, confident person who someone should feel lucky to be around.

8. Getting publicly intoxicated and being loud and obnoxious about it. Like it or not, it’s just unsafe and terrible for anybody to do this, but especially so for women. And no matter how much we’d like the world to be ideal, it isn’t. While we work to make the world a better place, we have to take necessary precautions because we’re still living in a sexist and violent culture.

9. Pretending to be drunk. Why do women like to do this? Nothing gets eyes rolling harder than some person on half a glass of Chardonnay going, “Oh my gosh, I am soooooooo drunk.” It’s not amusing, it’s not endearing; it’s just silly. Fail.

10. Peeing in places that are definitely not meant for peeing. I just cannot comprehend how I live in a city/have been to cities where I see people and especially women “going” anywhere because it’s past 3 a.m. and “nobody’s watching.” The sheer idea of doing that makes my stomach turn. Ew, stop.

11. Sharing intimate details of your relationship on social media. There are few things that are more cringeworthy than seeing a passive-aggressive rant directed at someone’s significant other. Please, take that Facebook post that you’re about to write and put it in a word document. Then when your significant other gets home, show it to them.

12. Not removing your make-up and/or nor brushing your teeth before bed. I’m not sure if this is scientific but I’d be willing to bet this is bad for your skin and teeth in the long-run. I can hang out late with the best of them but even if I am about to crawl myself into bed at 5 in the morning, make-up is coming off and teeth are being brushed. No excuses.

13. Thinking that every man who looks in your direction is somehow interested in you, and responding with a dirty look (if you’re not interested in him). Look, I’m not saying some guys don’t think that every woman that exists, does so for their pleasure. But many young women really need to shake off the notion that you’re special snowflakes just because you’re breathing and a guy happens to be standing next to you.

14. Swearing like a sailor. Look, I get it. Sometimes swearing just feels good and necessary; I do it too. But to be swearing in such a manner that shows a lack of vocabulary is ungraceful.

15. Loudly burping or belching, however you say that. This is just unbecoming and it’s something I think every person really should stop doing. But the amount of women that take pride in doing this because “dudes do it” is ridiculous. I understand it might be a natural function but there are ways to minimize the damage.

16. Feeling the need to share every last detail of your personal thoughts/experiences on anything sexual/related to sex. Can people just not keep things to themselves anymore? This is just of poor taste and I guarantee you nobody cares as much as you do.

17. Calling every guy that you’re not interested in a “creep.” I am so tired of this word. Are some guys creepy? Yes. Is every guy that you don’t find attractive enough or a guy that doesn’t do something you like, a creep? No. Stop abusing the word. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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