17 Things Almost Everyone Wants

1. To love and to feel loved.

2. A career or other kind of vocation that is meaningful and utilizes your talents.

3. Healthy and happy relationships in all areas of your life.

4. To have your perspective and beliefs respected.

5. To be seen as a human being, first and foremost.

6. To be healthy and in shape.

7. To eat whatever you want and maintain a healthy and in-shape body.

8. To have friends who are always there when they’re needed.

9. Adequate amounts of sleep.

10. To go anywhere at anytime without worrying about cost, schedules, etc.

11. To freely express one’s views without being labelled as one thing or another.

12. Peace of mind.

13. To live their mark on this earth before they die whether it’s with one person or millions.

14. To be accepted.

15. To be happier.

16. To feel beautiful and smart and funny.

17. To have lived their life the best way they know they could have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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