The 19 Realest Things Lauren Conrad Said On “The Hills” That Are Still Relevant Today

The Hills
The Hills
As soon as you stop thinking about them, they’ll send you a text message or they’ll call you, because they know you just stopped thinking about them. It’s like radar.
You’ve got to believe that there are people who really want the best for you.
The only time I miss having a boyfriend is when I have to put something together, when I have to pick something like a TV out or do car stuff, or when I have a lot of groceries. I can’t lift them all.
Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.
I don’t think it’s about trusting people, it’s about knowing who to trust.
Until you treat me like a friend, I’m not going to talk to you like one.
Sometimes you have people in your life who you just can’t be friends with.
Sometimes when you love people, you want to believe they’re good.
Love is not a maybe thing. You know when you love someone.
Like everyone, trust nobody.
I think it’s more like purses actually. You’re always gonna have that one boy that you’re always comfortable with, and you always kinda like, right? That’s your purse that you wear everywhere, right? Then you have a gorgeous bag that you want everyone to see you with.
I used to care a lot about what people thought about me, then I learned I definitely can’t please everyone. Some people will like you, some people will hate you, but I really don’t care either way. I’m not losing sleep over it.
I’d rather have a few true friends than a lot of fake crappy ones.
Sometimes there are just some people that you never get over.
You can never make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake; it’s a choice.
If others are jealous, you’re doing something right.
When you are looking to meet someone, you are looking to settle. Because you are not looking for someone, you are looking for anyone.
The only way to belong is act like you belong, or not give a shit whether you belong or not.
Sometimes we sacrifice friendship for the one we love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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