53 Thoughts Everyone Has At Taco Bell

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  1. Oh, man. I’m so high! This is going to be AWESOME!!!
  2. I wonder what kind of new things they have on their menu.
  3. I never tried their new breakfast items. I wonder if they’re any good.
  4. Probably not. I mean, who wants to eat Taco Bell in the morning?
  5. Well, if I’m hungover…maybe.
  6. Hmm…what should I get? So many choices. Everything’s so cheap.
  7. Maybe I should try something I never get.
  8. But why would I do that? I should just go with what I know I like.
  9. But pretty much everything here tastes the same anyways. Just in different rolled up forms.
  10. You’re holding up the line, bro. You need to make some choices.
  11. Why am I talking to myself like this? Whatever…
  13. Damn. I could get one of everything I love and still only spend, like, 10 bucks.
  14. Oh, shit!!! They got that Baja Blast!
  15. I fucking love Baja Blast! All about that Baja Blast life!!!
  16. I wish they had Baja Blast more places.
  17. Well, isn’t it only like Powerade and Mountain Dew mixed?
  18. Whatever. It’s god damn amazing is what it is.
  19. What the hell is a potato taco?
  20. Hmm…potato…cheese…
  21. It’s only 79 cents!? Fuck yeah, I’m gonna get one!
  22. Oh, what’s this other stuff that’s less than a dollar?
  23. I am pretty hungry.
  24. Fine. I’M GETTING IT ALL.
  25. Maybe I should have gone to Chipotle. Their burritos are huge.
  26. But whatever! I’m here now. Let’s do this.
  27. Oh, wait. Is that cashier going to judge me if I order a million things?
  28. I wonder if he can tell I’m high.
  29. He’s looking at me.
  30. Shit, does he know I’m high?
  31. It’s cool. Don’t act high.
  32. Whatever. Pretty sure everyone here is high as fuck.
  33. No one actually goes here when they’re sober do they?
  34. Haha no. They definitely don’t.
  35. Alright, cool. Placed my order. This is going to be SO GOOD.
  36. How the hell did I order all of that and spend nothing?
  37. I wonder what kind of beef they use that’s so cheap.
  38. Ugh, I can’t think about that right now
  39. Notthinkingaboutitnotthinkingaboutit.
  40. This Baja Blast is just as amazing as I remembered.
  41. My teeth kinda feel like they have a layer of wool over them now tho.
  42. Ha. Whatever.
  43. I am straight up HONGRY right now.
  44. Omg, omg it’s here.
  45. Look at ALL that food.
  47. I should probably hurry up and eat everything fast before it gets cold.
  48. No one likes Taco Bell when it’s cold.
  49. So, I got like, 7 minutes to finish this?
  50. Phew! That was a lot of food.
  51. That was pretty good, I think.
  52. I’m a little bit sad it’s over.
  53. Ugh, I feel kinda weird now…Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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