The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Look Something Like This

Carly Rae Hobbins

The best relationship of your life will come very unexpected. You know when you swear off relationships and you don’t want to meet someone right now.

That night where you contemplate staying in but your friends force you out. Suddenly you’re talking to someone and you don’t think much of it at first. Another conversation you’ll forget and another person whose name won’t matter.

But then you realize how different they are. You realize quickly this could be something. That certainty frightens you a bit.

Next thing you know you’re walking hand in hand with someone who was once a stranger.

You’re going on dates and you forgot what it was like to be nervous around someone.

All of it happens quickly before you even have time to doubt it or question it.

The best relationship of your life will be with someone who meets you and wants to commit because they don’t want you to be with anyone else and they don’t want to miss their chance. Someone who looks at you and sees a future in your eyes.

They become part of your routine and you almost forget what your life was like without them.

You’re waking up next to this person and you’re appreciating the little things. The five more minutes in bed. Every good morning. Every night where you sleep a little better knowing they are there.

It’s the corney songs that start to make sense you used to skip. The books you start to read because they told you too. The foods you start to try because they told you to. The shows you watch you probably never would have before them. The things you start to do that never interested you but because it’s something they like you want to give it a try.

It’s the friends you start to meet that become your own. It’s the family that made you nervous at first then they become your own.

It’s the life you start to share. The holidays that are a little better when you have someone to share it with.

It’s the exes you ignore when they come lingering. It’s the past you now can escape because you’ve found something better.

It’s the fights that teach you not only things have to end so badly. But those things are what make a relationship stronger.

It’s the sacrafices you make because their happiness is as important as yours.

It’s watching yourself become a better happier person because they are in your life and everyone can see you’ve changed for the better.

It’s achieving your goals because when you have someone rooting for you and believing in you, you start believing in yourself.

It’s the little things they take the time to notice about you. What you like what you don’t. What makes you smile a little bigger.

The person who takes your hand without asking and pulls you close and whispers things in your ear like it’s a language all your own.

The one who makes you laugh until it hurts. The relationship that’s fun. And it doesn’t matter what you are actually doing it just matters that you are doing it with them.

The best relationship of your life will be with someone who surprises you often. Someone who never stops trying to prove they deserve you. Someone who reminds you every day that they appreciate you.

The best relationship of your life will be with the person who admires everything about you even your flaws. The ones who build you up that you learn to love yourself a little more.

It’s going to be with someone who isn’t repulsed by romantic gestures because when it’s for the right person any man can turn into a hopeless romantic.

The best relationship of your life will come without envy or jealousy or lies because you’d trust each other with your life. But more than that you trust them with your heart and you know it’s going to be okay this time.

You trust them with your secrets and your real uncensored opinions.

They learn your quirks and habits and learn to live with all of it.

The best relationship of your life will be with the person who learns every side to you and accepts it.

The unconditional love that makes it worth it.

And you feel like for the first time this person is everything you’ve been looking for and everything you’ve been missing.

When the words I love you sound a little sweeter.

The best relationship of your life will teach you why the other ones weren’t and you’ll find yourself counting your blessings for endings that used to make you cry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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