12 Things Any Self-Respecting Woman Doesn’t Tolerate In A Relationship

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1. If you are indecisive.

Any woman with self-respect knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it. She also knows it’s a waste of time and energy to invest anything into someone who doesn’t make you feel safe or secure.

2. If you disrespect her or others.

She will watch closely how you treat those around you. Even when you don’t think she’s watching she is. And if at any moment you disrespect her she’ll call you out on it and tell you exactly what she didn’t like. If you don’t change she’ll leave.

3. If you play games.

She doesn’t have time to figure out how you feel and she sure as hell doesn’t care how long she waits to respond. Maturity is learning that healthy relationship requires communication not messing with someone’s head just to see how they react. You play games she reacts by not responding to it.

4. If you make excuses.

Any woman with self-respect takes complete ownership of the things in her life. She doesn’t blame others. She doesn’t blame circumstances. She doesn’t blame her past. So the person she looks for is someone at that level. You make up excuses of why you can’t see her or why you canceled, she’ll understand and be polite. But she won’t let it happen twice.

5. If you try and keep her on a tight leash.

Sometimes when someone insecure ends up in a relationship with someone who is confident and has self-respect, they get nervous that they will lose her. Instead of trusting her and trusting themselves that they are good enough, they will respond with suffocating her and trying to control her and doubting themselves. A woman with self-respect needs you to trust her and more than that needs you to let her be sometimes because she’ll never make a relationship her entire life.

6. If you are less than she deserves.

She knows what she wants and deserves in a person and if someone doesn’t give that to her she understands it isn’t a reflection of her but rather a reflection of them not seeing her worth and it isn’t up to her to change their mind about her.

7. If you lie or cheat.

She won’t give you a second chance after that. Instead, she’ll move on to someone who would never make such a mistake.

8. If you aren’t ambitious or goal oriented.

Her goals and dreams are what motivate her to get up in the morning. She needs someone who is going to respect what she does, respect what she wants to do and be there cheering her on when she does it. Alone she’s strong and accomplishes a lot but everyone needs someone sometimes. And if you can be that type of person for her, in return she’ll make you twice the person you already are.

9. If you are the jealous type.

She is the type of person who could very well date someone else if she wanted. But she chose you. And if she cared enough to give up her relationship status, then the person who earned that will very well be someone who is sure of her and secure in their relationship. She refuses to waste time and energy trying to prove she’ll be loyal just because someone might be insecure.

10. If someone is toxic.

Strong women become that because there might have been a time they settled for less and chose the wrong people but they learning and in learning, they raised their standards. And in raising their standards they began to pay very close attention to the type of energy each relationship has and the person it makes her. She’ll have no problem cutting toxic people out of her life. And if you associate with people who are like that that’s what you become yourself. So she’ll pay close attention to the type of friends you have.

11. If you mistreat her.

If you are unkind or distant and suddenly there is a shift where you aren’t the person who might have pretended to be. She won’t waste time wishing you were that person again. If your true colors come out and she doesn’t like it, she will end things and not let you back.

12. If you think you can come and go.

If you leave don’t come back because any girl with self-respect does not give someone the chance to hurt them twice.
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