Wait For This Guy

Kilson Doan

When he asks you to dance and even if no one else is and everyone is staring, your eyes are just set on him.

When he kisses your forehead and tells you, you are beautiful and it’s like you’ve heard it for the first time.

When he’s nervous around you, you can tell because he’s talking fast and telling corny jokes but you can’t help but laugh.

When he holds you close and that’s enough and for the first time there isn’t pressure to do anything more because you know it will happen, it just doesn’t have to happen right now.

When he tells he’ll be somewhere and you’re waiting anxiously but he walks through the door and you almost take a deep breath because here’s someone who meant what he said.

When he brushes your hair behind your ears and just looks at you.

The one who lets you steal all the blankets and take up all of the bed even though he’s it’s affecting his sleep.

When you’re so tired but you want to stay up because you enjoy talking to him.

When he tickles you and you laugh like you’re a child and you forgot what that even sounded like.

When he pushes you to try new things even though you don’t want to. With him you do.

When he builds you up and suddenly you’re seeing yourself through his eyes.

When staying in suddenly is more appealing than going out because you’d rather stay on the couch with him watching TV. And you don’t feel any sense of FOMO anymore.

When you don’t even look at your phone in his presence because you don’t want to waste your time on anyone else.

When he takes the time to learn your favorite things and remembers them. Then surprises you.

When he cares about getting to know your friends and family because these people who are important now are important to him.

When you have to leave but you don’t want to because his bed is the only place you’d like to spend a lazy day.

When you don’t cringe saying goodbye because this time it actually means see you later. When in the past you’d leave and you knew it was over before you even walked out the door.

When it’s late at night and he pulls you in and suddenly you’re more awake than you’ve ever been.

When a silent exchange of twisted sheets and his fingers running through your hair suddenly feels different than anything you’ve ever experienced. You wake up and you realize there’s a difference between sex and when it’s with someone you care about.

You wake up and suddenly crave him.

When he meets your parents and watches you closely and they say something that doesn’t make you happy and he just takes your hand and squeezes it under the table because he sees it even they don’t.

When jealousy doesn’t even play a factor in your life because you know he’s loyal and honest and good.

When people temp you but you know what you have is already better than anything anyone could offer so you turn them down.

When his love makes you a better woman when in the past all relationships ever did was make you feel like you weren’t good enough.

When you aren’t anxious around him because you know he’ll answer.

When you don’t doubt him because he doesn’t lie.

When suddenly I love you carries with it a new meaning.

When home suddenly isn’t that house you grew up in but rather wherever he is.

When suddenly the future doesn’t scare you because you know it’s one he’ll be a part of.

It’s meeting the right person and you realize how easy he makes it.

And you look back at the past and old loves that made you bitter and they don’t anymore.

When you run into someone from the past and you realize things happened as they were supposed.

You meet him and you just know this is what I’ve been waiting for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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