The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Loves Dogs

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Date the girl who loves dogs.

The one who stops you dead in your tracks because one walked by and she wants to pet them.

The one who already knows the breed even if it’s a mix.

Date the girl who loves dogs. The one who forces you to volunteer or go to charity events for the cause. Because she knows the importance of giving back and serving your time to a cause greater than yourself.

The one who gets worked up over the fact shelter dogs get killed sometimes.

The one who gets worked up over the fact Puppy Mills exist and she knows a lot about them.

The one who sees a stray dog and wants to take it home and take care of it until they are returned to their owns.

The one who drags you to shelters on the weekend or pet stores just to see them.

Date the girl who loves dogs and cares enough to want to save all of them.

The one whose facebook page is filled with puppy videos. Because puppies make everyone happy. And girls who love dogs are just happier people.

The girl who loves dogs has an honest heart you’ll fall in love with. A heart they probably wear in their sleeve most the time.

They are a little more compassionate and caring than most people. They have a level of empathy that’s just a little deeper.

She shows empathy at a level most people can’t. And when you’re going through something she’ll be your rock. Even though it might not be her going through it, you won’t feel alone with her by your side because everything you feel she does too.

Date the girl who loves dogs because she knows the important things in life aren’t about success and money but relationships and connections and unconditional love.

She’s not the girl who is going to care what you do and if there’s some fancy title attached to it, she’s going to care about why you do it.

She’s not the girl who is going to care that you’re involved in charity she’s going ask you why did you choose that one.

She’s not the girl who wants expensive gifts at Christmas or to be showered with things but cares about your time and attention. She’d rather you two do something together than you get her something at all.

Date the girl who loves dogs because you can trust her. You’ll find yourself up late at night telling her things you’ve never said out loud. Feeling through emotions you repressed and she won’t judge you for any of it. She’ll laugh when you laugh. She’ll cry when you cry. She’ll help you to feel everything.

Date the girl who loves dogs because she knows communication is so much more than the things you say but the things you do. She’ll watch your body language closely. She’ll watch how you respond to things. She’ll pick up on the smallest of cues you might not even realize.

She’ll follow her intuition and if something feels wrong she’ll address it head-on. She won’t repress her feelings or keep them bottled up. Because she can’t do that sort of thing if she tried.

Date the girl who loves dogs because she’s a little more fun than most and finds joy in the simplest things life has to offer.

And you’ll watch yourself fall in love with everything about her.

And if there’s one thing you’re sure of it’s that along with having her in your future, that comes with a lot of dogs she’ll probably bring home to care for. And you smile because it’s okay. Even if you weren’t a dog person before her, you learned to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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