If We’re Meant To Be Together We Will Be

Pablo Heimplatz

I’d love all the answers. I’d love to look a little ahead of time and know it’s you standing there ask I walk down the aisle. But I’m not going to rush that. I’m not going to demand answers neither of us can give each other yet. To rush time when it’s not ours yet would mean losing what could be.

So we’ll each go our own way. We’ll each live our own lives. Find ourselves before we can find each other again.

I truly believe that when two people are meant to be together, eventually they will be. And it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. If there is distance and state borders and other people between us. Because I still hold onto this faith that none of those things matter. I still hold onto faith that one day we’re going to get it right.

I mean that’s all I really have. And when you believe in someone that much suddenly everything that seems complicated isn’t. You figure it out. You make it work.

But knowing when the time is right isn’t up to you.

Maybe right now isn’t our time for forever.

Maybe I’m wrong here.

The only thing I can really be sure of is this connection that doesn’t seem to fade no matter how much time passes. A connection that doesn’t fade no matter how many things in our lives change or we watch as people come and go.

We’ve been the most consistent thing in each other’s lives.

Because the root of it isn’t just a love that’s come and gone in the past but an unexplainable connection. A friendship. A bond. A genuine concern for one another always. Something that has kept us a part of each other’s lives this long.

Maybe we’re meant to be because we built each other in a way.

If I pulled apart the pieces of myself there would be evidence that you were there. So in a way you’ve never been gone really.

As much as life fills me with doubts and fears sometimes the only thing I’m really sure of is you. I’m confident that as long as you’re next to me everything is going to be okay.

That’s all I have. And that’s enough for me. Enough to keep me going until one day it maybe becomes true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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