50 Signs That’ll Tell You He’s Probably The One You Should Marry

Tom Mumford

1. He opens every door you walk through.
2. He pays for everything.
3. He makes you walk on the inside of the sidewalk.
4. He sends flowers.
5. He picks up the phone to call you.
6. Because he wants to hear the sound of your voice.
7. He takes care of you physically, mentally and emotionally.
8. He says good morning and goodnight every day.
9. He shows up on time.
10. And if he has to cancel he makes it up to you.
11. He never makes you feel unloved or unwanted.
12. But safe.
13. He keeps your secrets.
14. And makes you laugh harder than anyone.
15. He teaches you fights don’t mean it’s over.
16. But getting through them makes you stronger.
17. He picks you up for dates.
18. And they are real dates.
19. He wants to meet your parents.
20. But lets you take the lead.
21. And doesn’t mind when it’s slow.
22. He supports you and the things you care about.
23. And pushes you.
24. He’s been honest with you from the start.
25. He listens more than he speaks.
26. And remembers the things you say.
27. He wants his friends to know you.
28. He makes a point to build relationships with people who are important to you.
29. He drops what he’s doing to help you.
30. He always makes sure you get home safely.
31. He never stops surprising you.
32. And doesn’t try and change you.
33. But makes you better by seeing potential you might not see yourself.
34. He believes in you and your dreams sometimes more than you do.
35. He watches shows you want even if hates it.
36. He shows affection in public.
37. He keeps his word.
38. He makes you more confident both in him and in yourself.
39. And works with you through the things you struggle with
40. He talks about future plans.
41. He doesn’t just say the right things he shows you he means them.
42. He isn’t afraid to love you.
43. Or say it first.
44. He doesn’t stop trying to prove he’s the lucky one.
45. He makes you feel like the most beautiful girl there is.
46. He still makes you nervous.
47. He blows every ex away
48. While making you grateful for the things that didn’t work out.
49. When he tells you you’re the one it doesn’t scare you.
50. But you feel like this is what you’ve been waiting for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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