14 Uncomfortable Signs They Are Someone Worth Keeping

Forever Person

1. When they add confidence to your doubt.

In the past, you’ve learned the only person you can trust is yourself. Until you meet them. Every doubt you might have. Every fear. Every question might run through your mind they add this calmness to it. They take your hand gently, slowly all these walls you built up crumble with their touch.

2. When you expect the worst but they’re the best.

You remind yourself not to get your hopes up. To be careful and cautious. To not jump too quickly into this thing. But as you remind yourself of these things, you’re already falling head first. But for the first time, someone is right there falling with you and you aren’t as scared.

3. When dating games no longer exist.

You suddenly don’t have to think too hard because they make it easy. They make you realize anyone who played you in the past or messed with your head didn’t like you as much as they do. When it’s right there is no room for games.

4. When your past makes you grateful for the present and future.

You might fear telling them things about your past. The fear of telling them who you were even though you aren’t that person anymore.
There’s the fear of telling them your biggest mistake that you haven’t forgiven yourself for. They help you to realize all of it led to where you are now and suddenly it’s okay.

5. When they take the time to earn your trust.

They don’t enter your life thinking you’ll just suddenly trust them. They respect the fact you are skeptical and are guarded. They take time to learn why you are the way you are and they proceed with caution. While you might not trust others they want you to know you can trust them.

6. When you push them away and they stay.

Sometimes you meet someone and too much of good things scares the shit out of you. You run the other way even when you have no reason to. You push them away even when you want them staying. But regardless of your actions or how difficult you are, it doesn’t faze them.

7. When their touch doesn’t hurt but heal you.

Suddenly everything that hurt you and all the baggage in your past, they take the weight off your shoulders. Suddenly everything that used to hurt doesn’t seem to anymore because their love is the type that heals.

8. When you fight but also fight for each other.

They show you fighting with someone doesn’t mean something will end. They show you fights are just a part of the process of growing together as a couple. But more than fighting with you from time to time they never stop fighting for you and your relationship to make it work.

9. When you don’t have to wonder because they aren’t trying to deceive you.

In the past you’ve questioned people’s motives and if they were genuine or real. Most the time they weren’t. It’s hard to look at someone and ever know their true intentions. But with this person you trust them. You trust them with your heart, hell you’d trust them with your life.

10. When you want them to meet your family and friends.

When you bring them around and they just fit in and you don’t have to worry about them at all. You don’t worry what people will think or what anyone will say. You just know it’s going to work. And over time they just so gradually become apart of your family it warms your heart.

11. When you realize they might be the one and it doesn’t scare you.

You’ve never been that sure of anyone. And with them, the things you’re sure of is you’ve found the person you could spend the rest of your life with.

12. When you hit rock bottom and they stay.

Everyone has that moment where they fall apart. Where they aren’t the best version of themselves. Where something horrible not within their control occurs. When you suddenly can’t be the strong one anymore. That’s when this person steps in and become everything you need them to be.

13. When the words I love you are suddenly easy.

It comes out so carelessly and simplistically you might not even realize you said it. But you mean it from the bottom of your heart.

14. When you realize home is a person.

It doesn’t really matter where you live or who is around, just that they are. It hits you, home is wherever they are standing that’s next to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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