You Don’t Realize How Much These 50 Little Things Mean To Someone With Anxiety

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1. Answering texts and calls quickly.

2. Constant reassurance.

3. Phrases like “We are okay.”

4. Or “I’m not mad at you.”

5. “Everything will be fine.”

6. “I am here for you.”

7. Simply listening to what is going on in our head.

8. No matter how unrealistic it might be.

9. Show us you aren’t going to judge us as we let you in.

10. We push people away out of fear because we think we are annoying.

11. Being the confident one in the relationship.

12. Answering the questions and doubts we have.

13. Being completely honest.

14. Telling us when we’ve made a mistake.

15. Not letting silence teach us that.

16. Because we’ll come up with ten scenarios of our own.

17. Accepting the fact you might get more than one text.

18. Or really long ones.

19. Talking to us one on one in social settings.

20. Because social anxiety and groups make us cringe.

21. Knowing we care probably too much about what people think.

22. And if someone doesn’t like us it kills us.

23. If you’re up, talk to us chances are we’re awake too.

24. Listening to our irrational fears.

25. Building us up with words.

26. We’ll reread it often.

27. Because in our mind we are constantly tearing ourselves down.

28. Listening as we talk about the past we haven’t forgiven ourselves for.

29. Because we worry about the future and dwell in the past.

30. Being there for us after nights out.

31. Because we are so hard on ourselves after drinking.

32. Drunk us doesn’t have anxiety which we like.

33. Sober us panics about everything we might have said or done.

34. Accepting apologies even when they aren’t necessary.

35. Being there for us when we fail.

36. Because we are a perfectionist and our own worst critic.

37. Being observant of little things.

38. Twirling our hair. Picking skin. Excessive cleaning.

39. We do these things to keep our mind busy because we are worrying.

40. Understanding it isn’t our fault.

41. But we think it is.

42. But we are trying so hard to live with this thing peacefully.

43. Helping us make choices.

44. Because we are constantly doubting ourselves.

45. Telling us you aren’t going to leave is probably the best thing you can say.

46. Because we are convinced everyone is going to leave us.

47. Knowing how much we mean it when we say we love you.

48. Because in accepting us you’ve taught us to accept ourselves.

49. And there isn’t anything we can do to show our appreciation or gratitude.

50. Even though we try, probably a little too hard sometimes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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