When You Truly Love Someone, You Risk Everything And Don’t Give Up

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“You don’t give up on the people you love.” – Chuck Bass

Love. Nothing about it is logical. Nothing about it makes any sort of sense. But then at the same time, the only thing you can make sense of is how you feel about this person. It’s someone that’d you do anything for. Love comes without rules or any guidelines to follow because once you fall everything else is out of your control.

Next thing you know you are saying and doing these absurd things you never thought you would but regardless of how crazy you might look it’s okay because you love the person.

I don’t care how out there it might be what you do to show this person you care. I don’t care how it makes you look. Once you fall in love you’re allowed to be an idiot.

Everyone always tries to justify it and find logic. But nothing about love is logical.

Because suddenly nothing but this person matters and you’ll literally do anything to be with them. You’ll do anything to make them happy. Because your heart is there’s whether you like it or not.

And it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes you fall in love with someone before they even realize you exist. And you’re just standing there waiting for them to see it, to feel it and hopefully love you back.

While you shouldn’t wait for love or work for someone’s affection, if you think something is there then, by all means, go for it and hang on until you can’t anymore.

Everyone around you is going to give you advice and tell you, you deserve more or better. But they don’t know how you feel. They aren’t in your head as every thought that passes somehow brings you back to them. They aren’t with you at night as every last thought is of that person and before you even open your eyes, they are the first thing that crosses your mind. Don’t allow someone else’s opinion to dictate your life when you are the one feeling these things so intensely and deeply.

It’s easy to tell someone what to do. But when your heart is in it, that’s what you follow no matter how crazy it may seem to someone else. Follow your heart.

If you love someone, if you can’t stop thinking about them, don’t give up on them. Keep trying. Keep giving your best.

And I know it can get tiring and I know sometimes you might wonder if you’re wasting your time and is it worth it?

But if there’s even a little bit of hope, give your best. Love them with everything you have in you.

Because honestly, the only things we regret in life aren’t the chances we took risking it all but the chances we didn’t take that could have made us happy.

“If you’re not scared then you’re not taking a chance. If you’re not taking a chance then what the hell are you doing anyway?” – Ted Mosby Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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