12 Uncomfortable Signs You’ve Finally Found The Right Girl


1. You ignore everyone else once you meet her.

Those texts you used to answer from girls who you kind of liked or might have hooked up with suddenly you have no interest in. You don’t even flirt with the idea of seeing them again.

2. You take her on a date you actually put thought into.

You want to impress her. More than that, you want to knock her off her feet. And you find yourself a little nervous before the date.

3. You commit when you swear you wanted to be single.

When you meet the right girl, you don’t want anyone else to be with her. It has to be you and you’ll do anything to make that happen.

4. You actually want to get to know her.

In the past, you might have just been about the hookup or something casual. But you find yourself wanting to learn all about this girl and take things slow.

5. You find yourself interested in her hobbies.

You used to make fun of your guy friends for being whipped and ditching you for their girlfriend. Now you get it. As much as you like your boys, you like this girl too.

6. You want her to be around your friends and family.

You bring her to family functions and invite her out with your friends. You hope they like her as much as you do.

7. You find yourself thinking about her a lot.

Your mind is wandering and she’s the one your head goes to. When you wake up and she’s not next to you, she’s the first one you want to talk to. When you wake up at night and she’s right there, there’s a comfort in her just being there next to you.

8. You find yourself becoming better because of her.

She’s constantly challenging you. To do more. Be better. Be more positive. Generally, you’d handle situations a lot differently if you were single but you think of her and you want to make every best choice.

9. You find yourself just happier.

You were happy before you met her but she just makes you smile a little more than you’re used to.

10. You make sacrifices when you need to.

There might have been a time where it was all about you but now someone new is in the picture and she becomes one of your priorities.

11. You see your walls come crumbling down.

You might have a tough exterior (so people think) but if people saw you with her and how you act and how different you are behind closed doors, they’d see how much this girl is really impacting you.

And as much as you don’t want to see soft, through her love and affection you change a bit.

12. You think you’re the lucky one.

It just hits you one day, that you love her. And suddenly the future you had all mapped out suddenly includes someone else.
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