I Know It’s Hard To Leave Him But You Have To

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You and I both know you’re going to leave. Just not yet. You keep saying tomorrow. But every day you wake up and tomorrow turns into the next day and the next.

And I’m not going to tell when to leave or why you should. But I will tell you one day it’ll hit you. One day you’ll have had enough. Enough because you’ve done everything you could and he didn’t meet you halfway. Enough because you said everything and followed it with action when all he ever spit were pretty lies to keep you around.

Because I love you sounded sweet but even you knew it was a lie when it was only said after a sip of Jameson.

One day it’ll hit you that you deserve more than standing alone at a party that he promised he’d be at. You deserve more than some plus one who cancels last minute. He wanted to be what you needed but he couldn’t be that and you couldn’t make him be that type of person you needed.

He had to want to be that himself and he didn’t

You cared but it wasn’t your job to care for the both of you. You loved him but it wasn’t your job to love for the both of you.

Because if he loved you he would have shown up.

Because if he loved you he wouldn’t have disappointed you.

Because if he loved you, you wouldn’t have to have questioned it.

And maybe he’s everything you think he is but he isn’t that person all the time and you can’t love half of one person.

You can’t keep hoping and praying this will finally be something.

You can’t keep waiting for him.

Because the truth is, you’re standing right in front of him and he’s not doing anything about it.

You have to leave and it’ll be only then you’ll see if he goes after you.

I know the reason you haven’t walked away yet is because you don’t want to look back and still see him standing there not making a move when you do.

I know it’s hard to invest so much time and attention into someone and you want them to reciprocate it. But you can’t love someone into liking you.

And I can’t make you leave but you and I both know you can’t stay anymore.

You deserve someone who gives a dam and does everything to prove it.

You deserve someone who wants you to stay.

Leaving isn’t a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up. Sometimes leaving is the greatest sign of strength you can have.

Because it’s only after you leave behind the people who don’t deserve you, do you run into the arms of someone who does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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