This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Stop Waiting For

The one who makes you feel like your love is too much.

If anyone at any moment makes you feel like what you have to give is too much then they aren’t the ones deserving of you at your best. Let them go. Even when it hurts to do so. The right person will make you feel whole, they won’t make you work too hard to get the type of love you deserve.

The one who makes you feel insecure.

If a guy is making you feel like you’re the one not good enough or you’re the one who has to change, change who you’re interested in. The right person will build you up and teach you to see yourself through their eyes.

The one who unsure of themselves.

If someone leaves you confused for any moment of time, it’s because they are unsure of something in their own lives. And you’re going to think it has everything to do with you and it’s you they aren’t sure of but there’s probably something in their own life they are trying to figure out. You can’t blame yourself for any of that.

The one who makes you question yourself.

Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what you have to say or how to word it, don’t think one wrong move will make or break this. The right person won’t even allow any questions to cross your mind. The right person will leave you confident not confused.

The one who doesn’t answer.

Just like you’d answer every time, don’t invest time and energy in someone who doesn’t respect you enough to answer a text or a call. Choose someone who answers every time. Choose someone who calls you back immediately. Don’t wait for someone to answer. Don’t spend time looking at your phone.

If he doesn’t answer he’s sending a clear signal that he doesn’t care.

And if he doesn’t care you shouldn’t.

The one who plays games.

The right kind of love and relationships comes with one dating rule. There are none. Don’t let someone play you. Don’t let someone mess with your head. Don’t let someone send you mixed signals. Games can only be played if someone else is partaking in it. Ending the game someone is trying to play is how you win.

The one who thinks you’ll always be there.

The moment he takes you for granted, stop. That moment he thinks you’re always going to be there for him, walk away. Show him what it’s like to really be without you. If he’s making you wait with the assumption you’ll always be there and he can do what he wants, don’t let him.

The right person will never make you wait because they know your value. They won’t give someone a chance to treat you better than they can. They’ll respect you.

Respecting others and hoping they respect you back is important. Respecting yourself though is most important because how you treat yourself sets the template for how others will treat you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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