16 Signs His Mother Raised Him Right And He’s A True Gentlemen


1. He treats his mother well.

How a man treats the women in his life will tell you exactly how he will treat you. So watch closely.

He treats you how his father treats his mother and he treats you how he’d expect a man to treat his sister.

2. He pays for things.

His mother taught him it isn’t about the money but rather the principal. It’s about showing respect towards her and showing her the common curiosity.

3. He opens your door.

It’s something that simple but it’s also very rare to see these days. And he’s not doing it to put on some act he’s doing it because that’s what he was taught from a young age.

4. He walks you out.

What separates gentlemen from everyone else are the little things to show you, you matter and saying, ‘this is what you deserve.’

5. He compliments you.

It’s noticing little details about you and not being afraid to say it. If you changed your hair or a look he notices it because he cares to.

6. He’s kind.

There’s no better quality in a person than someone who is kind and has a good heart. When you find someone with a good heart chances are they were raised by a mother whose kindness matches his own.

7. He’s honest.

A lot of guys will lie to gain something, true gentlemen will never make you question if he’s telling the truth. He grew up learning people are only as good as their word and it’s important your word is something someone can rely on.

8. He’s loyal.

Real gentlemen don’t cheat even when an opportunity presents itself and they are tempted. If he’s not happy in a relationship he ends it and it won’t ever be through a text message.

9. He respects women.

You won’t ever hear him say offensive comments directed towards women. He won’t curse in her presence. The respect he has for you is a direct reflection of the respect he has for himself.

10. He dresses well.

He’s well put together and has a clean look to him. While there is more to life than looks, it’s important to dress well and look your best. How one looks is a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

11. He’s ambitious.

He has goals and a plan of how to get there. A true gentleman knows the importance of stability. Having a job. Doing better. Making more. He knows how to save and what he can spend. You won’t see him often blowing through money or living paycheck to paycheck. He lives within his means always striving for more.

12. He has manners.

Please and thank you were probably engraved in him as a child to a point where there isn’t a kind gesture that goes unnoticed without followed by the word ‘thanks.’

13. He keeps his word.

True gentlemen keep their word and don’t go back on it. He’s someone you’re going to be able to rely on but more than that trust.

14. He apologizes when he’s wrong.

Gentlemen will apologize before you even get a chance to address that something is wrong. It makes it really hard to be angry when he owns up to his mistakes and tries to make it right.

15. He has eyes for only one woman.

He doesn’t bother getting swept up in dating games. He chooses the right person and knows the attention of one quality woman means more than the attention of many who are average.

16. He’ll become this standard that everyone else gets compared to.

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