15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re The Girl Next Door


1. When people describe you they often say ‘pretty’ or ‘cute.’

You don’t turn every head when you walk in a room but the thing is you don’t really want to be that girl either.

2. You’re ‘the nice girl.’

The one people look past. The girl no one can say anything bad about. You’re the funny one, confident in who she is.

You’re also the one no one wants to hurt. So they avoid you altogether.

3. And the guys-girl.

The one who throws back beers watching Sunday football. The who isn’t intimidated by guys or guy talk. The girl who fits right in.

4. You have more guy friends than you know what to do with.

Even if you did start dating someone, this person would have to accept all these other guys in your life and trust you with them.

5. And you’ve probably loved a few of them at some point.

And there’s probably history between a few of them. But nothing came of it or nothing was ever said or done.

6. But you had to put your feelings aside.

When people care but not enough to do something you have no other choice but to move on.

7. You love people even when they can’t love you back.

Your ability to love people unconditionally and be what they need, regardless of what you want is what makes you beautiful and everyone sees it.

8. You’re the friend everyone wants.

You hear about every relationship. These guys turn to you for every problem. You’re the shoulder everyone isn’t afraid to cry on because you lack judgment.

Not having had too many relationships, you put everything into friendships and give your absolute best. And in return, you have so many people who would go to bat for you.

9. Everyone tells you, you’re good enough and pretty enough…

But sometimes it’s hard to believe a compliment when it comes from the same person who has refused to date you.

10. But you kind of feel invisible.

It’s like they kind of forget you’re a girl until you wear a low cut shirt with a push-up bra with makeup.

11. If they could think of the perfect person it’s you.

Maybe they’ve said it too and you just roll your eyes.

You say everything right.
You do everything right.
You’re genuinely kind and caring and pretty.

Trust me when I say they all see it. Trust me when I say at some point they’ve all thought about you intimately and at one point they’ve all wanted to have sex with you.

But just like you made the choice to stop thinking about them that way, they had to also. The truth is they know your worth and your value.

12. Which is why they don’t let you settle.

The guys who are in your life probably treat you like gold. Even if dating you is out of the question, they show you time and time again what you deserve in a man. They want more than anything for you to get it right.

13. And I know you’re getting tired.

I know it’s exhausting being on the sideline.

14. But one day they’ll regret it.

I promise you, it’s not you. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong. It’s not flaws. And when enough time passes, you’re going to hear more than once how these guys all liked you at one point or another but didn’t have it in them to do anything about it.

15. And one day you’ll meet someone right.

And maybe it turns out to be one of these guys from the past. Or maybe being the girl next door for so long, comes back to you tenfold and you meet someone better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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