One Day You’re Going To Meet Someone Who Stays


One day you’re going to meet someone who makes you look forward to waking up because they’re right next to you.

This person is going to be different than the rest. It’ll be this connection neither of you can deny is there.

This person will look at you and really see you. And what they see isn’t the false version of yourself you sell to the world.

They’ll see you for who you really are, flaws and all. And they’ll accept all there is to you.

That’s unbrushed hair and unbrushed teeth before you wake up.

They’ll see a face without makeup and think you’re even more beautiful. They’ll watch you put it on and wonder why.

They’ll learn who you really are behind closed doors.

They’ll watch you and the way you live your life, knowing one thing, they want to be a part of it.

They’ll see you break down after a tough day and want to be the arms that hold you.

They’ll begin to learn you inside and out, in a way you don’t even know yourself yet. And together you’ll learn from each other. You’ll make each other better.

One day you’ll meet someone who sees a future in your eyes and makes you forget about the past.

You’ll share in late night conversations as two am welcomes you with company when before it might have haunted you with loneliness.

You’ll learn not everyone leaves when they get that close. They’ll break through your walls and you’ll be left so vulnerable but for the first time, it won’t scare you like it used to.

You’ll share in your insecurities as they look at you wondering why. This person will know you aren’t perfect. They’ll watch you make mistakes, they’ll forgive you for them but they will still love you for all of it.

Because what you have in common is knowing, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to one another.

You’ll share your dreams and where there might have been self-doubt, you’ll find someone a little more confident in you and someone who believes in you.

You’ll learn about each other’s past and mistakes and through their acceptance of it, you learn to forgive yourself.

One day you’ll look at someone and you’ll wonder how you lived without them before because it’s like you met and you feel whole for the first time.

You meet someone and suddenly their problems become yours and you’ll do anything to find a solution. You’ll meet someone whose happiness is yours because they are to blame for the smile on your face.

You’re going to meet someone and that’s going to be it.

People might not understand until they experience something similar themselves. But you know with certainty and confidence that you’ve figured it out. You’ll look at this person like you’ve been waiting your entire life to meet them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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