Don’t Tell Me My Standards Are Too High Or Unrealistic


Flowers just because.

Making plans you stick with days before.

Opening my door.

Pulling out my chair.

Talking and real conversation.

Compliments like ‘you look beautiful tonight.’


Walking me to my door.

Leaving after goodnight and maybe a kiss.

A text or call. Yes, people still call each other.

The lost art of courting.

A physical relationship after you’ve already developed an emotional one.

Wanting to meet someone’s parents.

Respect is what a lot of people are missing when it comes to dating today. Self-respect and respect for others.

We expect things.

Immediate gratification not only has impacted individuals but it has negatively influenced dating or what people think dating is today.

A like on Instagram.

A tag on facebook

A snap chat.

Matching on some dating app to further confirm quickly if it could be something.

We’ve replaced mystery and butterflies with games.

An answered text message making you blush.

Worrying about the next move.

Compliments to gain something and all that comes out is, ‘you’re hot.’

A drunk call.

Netflix and chill.

Never wanting a label.

If this is dating today I want no part of it.

But somehow these have become the standards of dating.

While technology continues to advance, we’ve taken a step back in something other generations have gotten right.

And it’s something we should bring back.

You shouldn’t be happy they answered, you should expect a response every time.

A lot of people have allowed these things to lower expectations, instead of waiting for someone who can uphold these standards you have.

When you settle for quick hookups and being impressed by the bare minimum, what you’re really doing is further confirming it’s okay.

While you can’t change how people are and you can’t change a generation what is within your ability is your own choices and what you allow and don’t allow.

You might be single for a while. You might be dating even more and continue to lose hope in people every time someone asks for a nude or sends a dick pic.

And if you’re getting tired of waiting, just know I’m right there with you. And even if we’re the only two people who understand what real dating is, that’s okay. I refuse to lower standards just because fuckboys can’t seem to get it together and step their game up.

So until then, I’ll wait with you.

If you keep your standards and expectations high, I promise you someone who will meet you there and be everything you could have hoped for and more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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