To My Fellow Women, This Is How You Deserve To Be Treated

Twenty20 / Katyasi Berianvegan
Twenty20 / Katyasi Berianvegan

Somewhere along the way, we’ve all become guilty of accepting much less than we deserve. And instead of this standard we once had that was so high, we find flattery in not being treated like shit. We’ve allowed immediate gratification, to screw with our heads. We’ve accepted way less than we’ve deserved. We’ve allowed people to talk to us, in a manner that’s demeaning. And as long as they say sorry after we cry, we forgive them. We’ve succumb to peer pressure and pleasing others without asking someone for something we want. We’ve been made to feel guilty for even asking. Because somewhere along the way someone has told us we don’t deserve that, and we foolishly believed them.

But I’m here to tell you, you never deserved any of those things. Because the things you want are out there, and the person who will treat you well and with respect is wondering where all the people who deserve it are. We’ve allowed ourselves to alter our perception, of what we are looking for and it’s messing with us.

But you shouldn’t settle for average or mediocre.

Because you deserve more than that. Because I know exactly what you’d be willing to give someone else, and that’s what you deserve.

You deserve every fantasy to become reality. You deserve those cliches you watch in movies, to come to reality before your eyes and not just on a screen.

You deserve someone asking you to slow dance on a weeknight in the street.

You deserve someone unapologetically pouring their heart out to you. Not just you being the one to say I love you and someone reply thank you.

You deserve a radio being played outside your window. Not songs that make you cry as you find the company in heartbreak.

You deserve flowers sent to your office. But if he knows you, he’ll know to send chocolate first.

You deserve being a part of their entire world, not being their best-kept secret.

You deserve Sunday morning where they want you to stay.

You deserve to never feel badly for saying what you think and feel.

You deserve texts to always be answered fast. And not leave you confused.

You deserve actual phone calls because he’s had a bad day and just hearing your voice make it better.

You deserve someone who wants to be there, not someone who is bored.

You deserve sleeping next to someone who leaves you whole, not lying next to a stranger that makes you feel lonely.

You deserve long car rides where you don’t know where you are going, but there’s a confidence in the person next to you, because no matter where that might be, you’ll get there together.

You deserve someone singing you your favorite song, even if it took them weeks to learn.

You deserve someone who wants to go to the ends of the earth to be with you, not someone who makes you go all the way alone.

Because relationships are 50/50.

You deserve kissing without asking. Because they want to.

And making love, not just having sex. Because there is a difference between sleeping with someone and doing it with someone you love.

You deserve to have someone helps carry the burdens life throws at you. Because life struggles were never meant to be endured alone. You don’t deserve someone who is making things more complicated.

You deserve someone drying your tears, never causing them.

You deserve all these things. You just have to be brave enough to ask for it. Because it’s there, you’re vision though has been made blurry with tears.

Please, my dear, life is too short and you are too young, you are too beautiful, you are too worth it to settle for anything less than extraordinary. And I know you question if it’s out there, but it is. It’s waiting for you, but you are fixating upon these men or boys that are temporary highs. That’s all they will ever be. But when you meet the right person that temporary high you get addicted to, will last your entire life.

Because soul mates are real. And love is something you can believe in. I need you to trust. Trust it blindly until it becomes a reality. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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