16 Women On The Biggest Dating Mistake They Made In 2016


1. “Making excuses for my ex-boyfriend over and over again even though I knew in my gut he was mistreating me.”

–Courtney, 25

2. “Dating at all. Should have taken the whole year for myself.”

–Laurie, 27

3. “Letting my friends set me up with friends of theirs who I already knew I did not want to go out with.”

–Rachel, 24

4. “I spent this whole year (and 2015) hopping on planes every three or four weeks and dating long distance with a guy who I didn’t want to be with. But I was in a new city and too scared to be alone and instead of focusing my energy there and trying to start a life, I just kept running back to someone I didn’t even feel that connected to.”

–Jackie, 28

5. “Ignoring all of my family and friends when they told me he wasn’t good enough for me and that all he was doing was making me more miserable.”

–Nadine, 30

6. “Wasting my time responding to jerks on dating apps.”

–Lillie, 24

7. “Going out for a full dinner on the first date. You should always plan drinks. Then, if it sucks, you can leave after one beer.”

–Val, 27

8. “Not communicating enough, and just assuming he’d get it without me saying anything about why I was upset.”

–Shawna, 23

9. “Wasting an entire damn year in a ‘talking’ situation with a bro who would string me along without ever wanting to commit, because he wanted to keep his options open and I was too smitten to walk away.”

–Ella, 26

10. “Trying multiple dating apps at the same time.”

–Sherri, 29

11. “Feeling like I needed to stay on the date even if the guy was making me uncomfortable, when I should have known I have every right to leave if I feel in any way uncomfortable.”

–Kari, 26

12. “Convincing myself that I needed to change for him, that it was my problem.”

–Virginia, 22

13. “Being too scared to break up with my dud of a boyfriend and too scared to be alone that I passively stayed with him for an extra six months. When I finally ended it, I met my current boyfriend a week later and he was the most incredible person I had ever met. I wasted so much time with my ex when I could have spent it being with someone I actually liked.”

–Ada, 27

14. “Begging him to stop our stupid ‘talking’ situation and to just be with me. I actually begged him. And he was such a jerk. I still cringe when I think about it.”

–Staci, 25

15. “Listening to everyone else’s opinions on each person I brought around instead of deciding for myself.”

–Melanie, 29

16. “Not taking care of myself first.”

–Alexis, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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