17 Uplifting Reminders Everyone Going Through A Quarter Life Crisis Needs To Hear Right Now


1. You are not the first to go through this, and you are certainly not the last.

2. The fact that you are even aware of the feelings you are experiencing right now means you are in the mindset of always expecting the best of yourself.

3. The moments in which we do the deepest reflection of ourselves and our lives do not occur when we are happy.

4. Rather, we get to know ourselves the most when we are in the grips of crippling self-doubt, lack of direction, and feelings of listlessness.

5. It is just as helpful to figure out what you don’t want to do as it is to figure out what you do want to do.

6. Going through a quarter-life crisis means that you’re growing. It means you are coming with terms to the fact that your whimsical, “fake adult” way of living is over, which, though it’s a hard pill to swallow, also means that you are aware that it’s time to grow up. Some people never come to that realization.

7. There will probably never be an age in which you feel that you simply have everything together. Almost every person around you, whether they’re 21 or 56, is pretty much running on the ‘fake it ’til you make it’ mantra.

8. Most of your peers are feeling the exact same way you are right now, even (and especially) the ones that seem to have it all together. Behind every person’s carefully crafted existence is a whole well of problems, anxieties, doubts, insecurities, and challenges. You are not alone. This is one of your closest connections to those around you.

9. Sometimes the most vulnerable experiences you have and ridiculous decisions you make during this period of your life will be some of your best stories down the line.

10. Often, the impulsive and ‘all-in’ decisions you make during this time would have never happened had you been feeling safe, accomplished, and totally at ease in your life.

11. Just because someone has it together in one area of their life doesn’t mean everything else is perfect. Sometimes the person who is deeply in love is also going through extreme stress in terms of what kind of career they want to have. Sometimes the wunderkind with the insanely successful job is dealing with a serious health problem. Nothing is perfect for anyone, no matter what it may seem like.

12. You never know the type of people you are going to meet while your life is all over the place. Some of them may very well become some of your lifelong friends. Nothing bonds you more than a friendship formed during a challenging time.

13. There’s a reason why the most fascinating stories we watch or read or ask about are the ones that involve conflict. Everything (including the person experiencing said conflict) is just a little (or a lot) more interesting that way.

14. Don’t underestimate the amount of peace you might receive from meditation, or long talks with friends and family, or an extremely helpful book. Here is one of my favorite reads ever.

15. It’s important to hold yourself to a high standard, but it’s also important to take it easy on yourself once in a while. You’re not going to move forward any faster if you’re just constantly berating yourself.

16. Remember that wine exists. Get on that Tom and Donna train and treat-yoself when the days get rough.

17. Don’t try to find yourself. It’s an impossible feat when you’re always changing. Just accept the uncomfortable doubts and embrace the fact that they are part of what’s making you who you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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