A Letter To My Future Self: This Is What I Hope For You

A Letter To My Future Self: This Is What I Hope For You

I hope this message has found it’s way to you.

I hope you have managed to figure it all out, the ins and outs of life. I hope you have found the place you pictured yourself you would be. And hopefully, it’s everything you’ve imagined. I hope you’ve found the skin you feel the most comfortable in, and I hope you never take it off.

I hope you have found your happiness. I hope each day you wake up in awe of your life, and every night, you sleep with gratitude in your heart.

I hope you have found the person you’ve spent your whole life looking for. I hope they are kind and treat you how you’ve always deserved. I hope you never take them for granted, and I hope they never put you in a position to do so.

I hope you have kept in touch with all the people who have changed you.
I hope you have kept them close, through the good and the bad times. I hope you remind them of how important they are to you, and they know how grateful you are for them.

I hope your Sundays are filled with books in bed, and cups of tea in the sunshine. I hope your house in painted with pictures of all the places you promised you’d visit one day. I hope your home is filled with love, and I hope your heart filled with joy.

I hope your face has aged from all the laughter you’ve spread. I hope you look back on your past, and cannot help but smile at all the confusion and the mistakes. I hope you’ve let go and moved on from all the things which have hurt your soul. I hope you carry no regrets. And I hope you have finally freed yourself from all the negativity.

I hope you’ve created a life you love, one in which you cannot wait to get out of bed every morning. I hope you followed your path, and it’s led you to where you are meant to be. I hope your dreams challenged you, but you kept on despite the hardship.

I hope you still remember me, the younger version of yourself. I hope you look back on the person I am and are proud of who that was. I hope you carry around the things the past has taught you, but do not let them weigh you down.

I hope you’ve forgiven all the people who have hurt you, and I hope their pain doesn’t matter as much to you anymore. I hope you’ve filled your life with people who only lift you up, instead of the ones who constantly tear you apart. But above all of it, I hope you have forgiven yourself. I hope you have forgiven yourself for the mistakes and the bad decisions.

I hope you have picked up all your broken pieces, and put yourself back together. I hope you don’t feel as broken and lost. I hope you have found the place you feel you belong, and I hope you finally feel at home.

I hope you have loved hard. I hope you have given it all to the one you love, and I hope it was enough. I hope you have managed to mend that broken heart of yours, and I hope it never falls apart again.

I hope the best for you. I truly do.

I hope the future treats you kindly.
And I hope it all works itself out in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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