I’m Going To Love You Forever, No Matter What

iStockPhoto.com / svetikd
iStockPhoto.com / svetikd

You are quite literally, engrained in me.

We met on a sidewalk, and instantaneously it was like magic. We just got each other. We were rapid fire conversation, no awkward moments, hand-in-hand automatic friendship. We were, ”Your mom seems so cool,” and ”I bet this dress would look great on you.” within 20 minutes.

We just made sense.

And honestly?

We STILL make sense.

You are one of the few people who I have ever met who just gets me. Who rolls with me whether I’m feeling more ‘go out to the bar’ or ‘go to bed at 10:20.’ Who hears about me fucking my old roommate and just says, “Was it fun?” instead of freaking out. Who reminds me to never trust a Ryan or a Derrick but to always trust my gut.

You are someone who feels less like a best friend, and more like a fingerprint. You’re just a part of me.

And here’s the thing.

I know things are kind of weird right now.

I know you are figuring things out and deciding what you want to do and who you want to be and finding what feels right for you. I know you’re looking at that five-year plan and trying to not be intimidated but also are maybe not totally in love with it. I know you’re in the middle of the California heat and it’s really beating down and you don’t want to be swallowed by the impeding fire but you’re also trying to not run.

I know you’re going through it.

And what I’m saying is: I get it.

And what I also get? I get that we’re different.

I get that when faced with a crossroads or a big moment or even just a life decision, you and I will almost always react differently. You are more feeling, I am more thinking. You are more art, I am more spreadsheet. You are more sleep it off, I am more stubborn.

And that’s fine.

Because I think, I really think, that’s what makes us work.

I think what makes us work is that while we are so automatically understood, we are so different. If we’d attempted to be twins, one of us would have tried to absorb the other. We were not meant to be mirror images, instead strangely opposite but very alike counter parts.

But I want you to know, no matter what you do or where you go:

I’m going to be here.

Maybe it’ll be next to you, trying to decipher Spanish or French or Italian and looking for gluten-free options in whatever country we’ve settled. Maybe it’ll be in some random Airbnb, laughing about shower pressure and neighbors and their dogs and taking ridiculous photos of ourselves on the attached balcony. Maybe it’ll be over computer screens, through text and abbreviations and lols and Slack and whatever.

But whatever the maybe, it’s going to be here.

Because love, this is me being sappy, but here it is.

We only get a few forevers in this life, but you are absolutely one of mine.

So know that no matter what, I’m here.

No matter the co-pilot, the decision, the choice, the zip code, the social media, the wording, the opinion, the hair color, the walking distance, the time in between texts, the boys, the girls, the jokes, the stories, the difference between now or whenever.

I’m fucking here.

You are quite literally, engrained in me.

And that, my love, my sun my stars my goddamn moon (lol) means we’re in it to win it.

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