7 Reasons You Should Give The Sarcastic Girl A Break

Mean Girls / Amazon.com.
Mean Girls / Amazon.com.

1. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because, inside, she’s a motivational PSA for overcoming insecurity, even though externally she seems like she doesn’t care. She’s a walking contradiction. On one hand she’s not even considering what you think about her resting bitch face and insane need to point out all of the ways someone is wrong, yet on the other hand she’s really trying to be a sweeter person but falls just short enough every time she’s almost made it.

2. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because her entire life she has been told how to behave and has gone against the mold. She’s been told to not be bossy, to not correct people when they’ve made a mistake, to sit quietly, patiently, to hear other people out while comebacks and arguments and debates whirl around in her brain and her cheeks flare up. She’s been told to control her temper when in reality it’s not a temper; it’s just something she feels like she has to say.

3. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because not giving her one while the men around her get a free pass to say whatever they choose is the definition of sexism. If it’s okay for your guy friends to call you a “pussy” or a “little bitch” but your ego is too sensitive to deal with her poking fun at you because you look like a walk-on chorus member for The Book of Mormon in those khakis, then you don’t deserve to be around her in the first place.

4. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because this one part of her, this one minuscule piece of the entire person she is, seems to be the one part that society has chosen to fixate on. It does not matter if she’s also poetic or graceful, awkward or shy. She’s sarcastic, or snarky. She’s a brat. This one trait, this one thing has become her label and unless she turns it off completely and sits in silence while the words whiz around in her head she’ll never be rid of it.

5. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because she probably didn’t mean it the way you took it. She probably said it, laughed at herself, and moved back to making fun of Ryan Seacrest or whatever was on TV. She isn’t dwelling on it. She’s not sitting there and fixating on all of the ways she could cut you. If you truly believe that she’s that devious and that obsessed with thinking of ways to be hurtful, you obviously don’t understand sarcasm and you’ve put her into a really terrible box and shouldn’t be around her anyway.

6. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because it’s easier to be sarcastic than it is to be vulnerable. She has struggled with saying what she means with no quips or jokes for her entire life. When she says “God you’re stupid” she’s really saying “God you put up with a lot and I’m really lucky you haven’t left me yet.” She will probably struggle with it forever. Just put “She really didn’t mean it that way” on her tombstone. But if you’ve ever been afraid to say something, afraid to be exposed, terrified of opening your mouth, or for being judged on your feelings, understand that’s how she’s feeling 90% of the time and this is her way of coping.

7. You should give the sarcastic girl a break because in between all of the eye rolls and standup-worthy one-liners, she really loves you; she’s just trying to figure out how. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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