Here’s Why You Should Date A Software Engineer


You’re smart and single but you keep running into different versions of the same guy: the finance bro who shows up late in a suit and tie, complaining about a long day at the office while he explains his career and questions your knowledge of stocks, all while snapping at the waitress for another glass of water. You attempt to remain interested in the boring nuances of his day-to-day existence but notice that he never asks about yourself. He pays for the check, leaves a large tip, and reminds you that he plays with money for a living – but oh, what do you do again?

I’m here to tell you there is hope, and it is found in the next man who can define “html” or de-bug your computer. Step away from the economic ego and meet the new beloved bachelor: the software engineer.

After years of dating patronizing men, it was refreshing to find someone who considered my interests worthwhile. I am currently seeing my second software engineer and I can confidently say they are different from the rest. Their interests have informed their identity, and they are deeply wired to be humorous, considerate, intelligent, and, above all, “user-friendly.”

(1) He is laid-back but practical.

Programmers crave steadiness, both in their jobs and in life. Due to the increasing computerization of society, they have become a rare breed in high demand, and they are the same in the dating world. They’re aware of their niche strengths and they know how to fulfill your needs. Rather than impressing you with their intelligence, they prefer to win you over with their laissez-faire personalities. They are clean-cut and put-together without making it obvious that they know how to dress themselves. Endearing by nature, they are the type of men who will support your personal life by taking interest in your hobbies and friends. But they have a practical side, as well. They value routine, fairness, and time alone. They will not take-over your life, but rather find their place in it, expecting the same in return.

(2) He has a strong work ethic.

Smart is sexy, and software engineers have no shortage of either. They are intelligent and focused in all manners of life, eager to share their most recent web developments and software improvements. They want to share their passions without expecting you to understand the details of their profession. Since dating thrives when both partners can openly chat about their work, they will never fail to intrigue you with their single-minded dedication, all while keeping the conversation interesting.

(3) He can fix your problems.

It’s hard to stay updated on current technological trends. With a programmer around, there’s always someone available to recover lost files, backup your devices, and teach you efficient keyboard shortcuts. Not to mention the ease with which they can download movies, connect to WiFi, and locate eclectic date venues. When I accidentally deleted my grad school thesis, I called my own programmer in a fit of panic and he recovered the lost pages in a matter of minutes, remotely assessing my computer and saving the day. They live to make your life easier.

(4) He tells great stories.

Studies show that web developers tend to be creative, especially since they write code and design websites all day long, and it translates into the way they view the world. They have a wise and witty perspective. Simple scenarios attain great clarity in their brain. When you run to them with personal problems, they can de-code you instantly, immediately assessing the trouble areas and giving gentle, insightful feedback.

(5) He won’t cheat on you.

This one comes from my own software engineer, and it’s a big one: programmers tend to have low self-esteem. They are the least pretentious of men, never wanting to stay in the spotlight, infinitely more comfortable letting you shine. Slightly self-deprecating, they cringe at undeserved compliments. Most importantly, they spend a lot of time assessing compatibility. They will only commit when they are ready but, once they do, they will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship functioning.

Start the search. Ditch the investment banker. Get off Tinder. Run away from swanky rooftop bars. There’s no reason to bear the financial bros any longer – find someone who wants to entertain you, support you, and care for you. Start the search for a software engineer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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